Tuesday, March 06, 2012

What's It All About?

I sense a lawsuit in the works as a result of the Rush Limbaugh flap.  No, I don't expect the aggrieved Ms. Fluke to sue him.  I expect someone to go to court to settle just what differentiates a "church" from it's ancillary businesses.

This is where Ms. Fluke has added to the problem by inviting criticism upon herself.  Forget that the 'facts' she presented in her testimony before Nancy Pelosi and her minions were exaggerated at best and outright misrepresented at worst.  Like it costing her poor fellow students $1000 a year for contraceptive devices. If true I'd question their ability to get through law school!  There's an intelligence deficit there. We all know the lack of 'truthiness' in that whopper hence the real question has gotten lost in the sensationalism. Without knowing if church and church run business is considered one and the same or not, it won't be solved.

If it's considered not all encompassing, then it seems reasonable the business, in this case a school, should provide the same benefits for it's employees and students as the non-Catholic university down the street.  If it's deemed one and the same it's a whole different ball game.

What Ms. Fluke is doing is trying to convince us they are not one and the same and therefore should provide the contraceptive benefit.  She didn't need to add the ludicrous examples of fellow students suffering financial hardship because it wasn't there.

Enter Limbaugh.  He chose to ignore nearly everything Ms. Fluke said and made it a personal issue with her supposed unquenchable quest for sex.  He couldn't have been more wrong.  You could almost see him getting high on the words he was spewing.  It was like he couldn't stop, getting more and more pumped - and insulting.  Like when you get a fit of laughter and can't control it.  Though this was no laughing matter.

He deserves everything coming his way from the advertisers withdrawing to the stations dropping him.  Don't give me the whine that the liberals get away with it.  They don't.  And to the liberals, don't give me the whine that the Republicans are waging war against women.  They aren't. What's happening is an example of government over reach and the consequences thereof

I do wish the candidates had been more vocal in condemning Limbaugh.  "I wouldn't have used those words," as Romney said, was inexcusably lame.  Newt was outraged that Limbaugh was getting so much attention in lieu of everything of importance - like himself I'd wager.  I haven't seen a response from wither Santorum or Paul.

Today begins a new news cycle.  Super Tuesday will be dominating the news.  Limbaugh will be forced into contriteness for awhile.  Ms. Fluke will go back to her activism and law studies.  I'm sure the book deal she'll negotiate will be adequate to pay for her health benefits should she prefer a private provider.

I guess I agree with Mr. Gingrich to the point there are much more important happenings calling for attention.  I'm going now, to see what they are.

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