Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Newt, Newt, Newt...

How can you send in a filing fee to get on a ballot and have your check bounce, need 94% of the delegates yet to be assigned and still think you have a chance to win the nomination?  Ask Newt.

It would seem a few of his supporters have encouraged him to stay in the race. Too few I fear.  He thinks he'll do better in the upcoming races now that Santorum has bowed out.  Ninety four percent better?

Wow.  Me thinks he's more delusional than anything else.  In a way I feel sorry for him.  He is over $4 million in debt and had a whole 3500 people contribute through his website Tuesday afternoon.  How much would each have had to contribute to make a dent in his debt what's more fill his coffers enough to get his campaign out of Delaware and on to the bigger states like California, Pennsylvania and New York?

Maybe he takes to heart those who don't trust Romney; those who think the Mormons are out to take over the country should Romney be elected.  We had the same fears about Catholics.  Many have the same fears about the Evangelicals.  Religion.  It is the bane of politics and in many cases common sense.  Perhaps that's why the separation of church and state is so important.

All that aside, I wish Mr. Gingrich would suspend his campaign just to save himself and the party the embarrassment. Delusion does nothing to promote confidence.   Should he really like to be a player at the convention he would do well not to appear a spoiler now.

The issue is whether the party would turn to him should something catastrophic happen to Romney.  I seriously doubt it.  If they were to go to a previous candidate, which I doubt they would, it would more likely be Santorum.  He was plugging along with better momentum.  The illness suffered by his daughter is the straw that broke the campaign's back plus weariness on the part of  the electorate.  When people lose interest it's hard to generate votes - or money.

I'd rather we had a different front runner too.  I put too much faith in Obama last go round.  I over looked obvious flaws and red flags.  In case those who fear Romney for his religious convictions are correct about his intent,  I will remain vigilant.  I find it curious, however, if it is the threat as perceived, why has the press has made no mention of it?  Still, one never knows.  The press sees only what it wants to see.

On the other hand, I have to have faith in something better than what we have now. Where  this President is taking us is far worse than an unproven assumption about the contender.  Should the assumption prove true, we lose with either.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Gingrich would do well to heed your sensible advice, Mari.