Friday, June 15, 2012

Big Brother's Bigger Brother

Awhile ago I had a reader warn me that I was probably being watched because of the things I write.  If so it is a monumental waste of time for those watching for I'm just stating opinions of an elderly woman who has issues with the direction in which the country is being taken.  There are a lot of us doing the same thing.  Watching me would indicate paranoia of the highest degree.  Not that I don't think the government is paranoid!

While I don't know if or how often I'm being observed, the Brits have a whole different problem.   They have unveiled a plan to log details  of every web site you visit, every text you send, every e-mail and every letter you send and every call you make.  Wow!  What can the return on such an effort possibly be?

It was also stated that if you're worried about it you are probably a criminal or a conspiracy theorist.  Conspiracy theorist?  Just because every single aspect of my personal life is being logged and kept for a year and it's being done by the government?  How could anyone possibly think that?

The promise not to read content means that someone, authorized or not, probably will.  Talk about an entire population of paranoids!  The only question is who is paranoid about what.

I'm thinking about cost now.  Do they really have this technology and if not how much will it cost to develop?  How many people will it take to run it?  And again, how much will the country benefit?  Especially if they're not going to look at content?  What key words are they are going to use to search the data base when they deem necessary?  I would think any computer whiz worth his or her salt would figure out that one.

Here my last several posts have been complaining about drones and cattle and their effect on our water supply.  This makes that effort look like child's play.  I was worried about my privacy one time when I read about efforts to monitor the well being of the elderly in their own homes.  Cameras everywhere including the bathroom.  But this.  This takes away the last visage of privacy known to man.  You can't go outside for the drones may see you.  If you play computer games, snicker at the handicapped or bully the kid next door, Big Brother will have it on file.  Everything no matter how seemingly inconsequential to us.  Will it be to them?

I think the spontaneity of life, that which makes it worth living, is about to be snuffed out for surely if the Brits do this we will soon follow.   What's next?  They'll be reading our thoughts before we even have them.  But until then, oh yeah,  will I be thinking thoughts!


Betty said...

They may be watching, but are they listening? It might be a good idea if Big Brother gave some serious thought to what people are saying on any of the social media sites, blogs included, if, indeed we are being monitored. OOOOOOOO Be afwaid, be vewwy afwaid! Seen any black helicopters lately? lol

Margie's Musings said...

I write many letters to the editor stating my opinions and have never been concerned that anyone is keeping them in a file.

I can't bring myself to believe every conspiracy theory around.