Saturday, June 23, 2012

Can They At Least Eat The Cake?

As June draws to an end so does the traditional month of weddings.  How many of you were June brides?

I hope a lot of marriages are taking place today as I write this.  The government should hope so too, because it's a great boost to the economy.  Just think about it.  The cost of a bridal gown and brides maids dresses.  Tux rentals or purchases for the groom and the groomsmen. The brides and grooms gift to each other. The rental of a facility for the reception plus the cost of that reception.  The mother's of the bride's and groom's new outfits.  The rehearsal dinner.  The rings.  Don't forget the rings.  Both engagement and wedding.   No wonder father's brows are sweating!

And the gifts!  But wait?  This is an election year and the President's fund raising isn't up to snuff!  Don't look for gifts!   Ask your friends and loved ones to send the President's campaign the money.  It's for a much better cause!

Whoa.  Wait a minute.  This can't possibly be true.  The intrepid investigator in me went to work and, gasp, look what I found on the campaign website! The Obama Event Registry !  If you're not getting married, you can register for your anniversary or birthday or whatever!  Who needs a gravy boat anyway?

Well, the President wouldn't be asked to my wedding were I having one!  I would want those gifts to help set up housekeeping and to have remembrances of those who shared the happy event.

On top of that, if I were having any Hispanic friends, they'd not likely be able to eat at the reception! At least if the secret service holds true to it's actions at the   National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials luncheon on Friday when guests had to give up their eating utensils before the President arrived.  I'm sorry, but I would not tolerate my guests being thus insulted considering how many dinners and luncheons he attends on a regular basis where such is not the practice!

It makes me wonder if the bride and groom would even be able to exchange the traditional first bite of cake.  This is often done with the fingers so no utensils would be necessary.  Except for the knife with which to cut the cake of course.  Breaking off a piece with your fingers could prove rather messy.

My guess the cake would be outlawed anyway because it no doubt would contain sugar and butter and all that other stuff that makes it taste so good but is deemed bad for our health.  So maybe no cake.

What have we left.  No gifts.  No meal.  No cake.  Doesn't sound like much of a celebration to me. Is a champagne toast allowed? If a glass was broken it could be construed as a lethal weapon! Dad might as well wipe his brow and stash his wallet.  Why bother with all the trimmings if you can't have the steak?

Elope.  Take the money and have a grand time on a fabulous honeymoon.  It's your time.  The President will just have to settle for taking candy from babies.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mari!

Thanks for sharing yet another insightful post--hat tip!

In response to your question about how many of your readers may have been June brides, well, suffice it to say I'm not one of them, but enjoy your writing style nevertheless. Enjoy your day, and please keep these interesting posts coming.