Sunday, June 10, 2012

We've Got It All Wrong!

Actually both sides have it wrong when it comes to buying information.  Yesterday I wrote about the bounties being offered for information regarding the where abouts of certain al Qaeda leaders.  Not to be out done, the Somalians have come up with their own offer for information regarding the where abouts of President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton!

Ten million?  Fifty million?  No way.  Far more practical. Ten camels for Obama and twenty chickens for Clinton.  Ten hens and ten roosters, or cocks as they say.

 Does that make Hillary the better value?  I would certainly think so if you either wanted to raise chickens or produce eggs.  Unless of course, those ten camels include both male and female.  I don't know, though, how much of a market there is for camel off spring and as far as I know they don't produce a saleable product unless you consider their hair for pricey coats.  They are good pack animals and Obama is accumulating quite a bit of baggage, but then he isn't the one receiving the offer.

It seems to me if either side of this perpetual conflict knew what they were doing, the rewards would be reversed.  Thirty three million for information on top al Qaeda leaders.  Most who would have that information probably wouldn't have a clue what to do with that kind of money.  The only ones really good at handling that scope of financial windfall are the leaders themselves who use it for their own bribes.  Like exile in friendly countries should push come to shove.

Now in this country it's a different story.  We all dream of riches.  Just look at the amounts spent in casinos or on lottery jackpots just on a chance.  Know where Obama is going to be campaigning?  Done deal!  With a lump sum payment to boot!

As for the information we're seeking, we'd probably get a lot more takers if we were the ones offering the camels and the chickens.  Something any good villager could use;  food for sure, maybe even a dowry if they have such a thing.  Certainly a way to get their goods to market since most don't have cars or pick ups.

So there you go.  Those who say our leaders don't get it are absolutely right.  It's an eye opener though, to find our adversaries don't get it either.  Camels for Obama.  Come on.  Camels in any ones back yard would be sure to draw the attention of the eye in the sky drones.  Try as you might, you just can't make them look like cattle!

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha...enjoy your wit, Mari @ camels and chickens/Clinton & Obama. Thanks for an amusing read. Hope you have a great day in store.