Thursday, July 19, 2012

Polls Or The People

We've just returned from a quick trip to our favorite place to lose ourselves - Montana.  It's my husband's home state and I've been in love with it from the first time I crossed the border some 40+ years ago.

It's an interesting state.  Incredibly beautiful. I find the people well educated, culturally inclined and about as down to earth as you can get. It is truly home to rugged individualists.  That's the reason I often use it as a guide to the real pulse of the people.

We went to see the largest collection of Charlie Russel water colors ever gathered at the Russell Museum in Great Falls.  It's a mid sized city, for Montana, stretched out along the Missouri and rich in Lewis and Clark history as well as, of course, Russell.  It is the home of Malmstrom Air Force Base, home to those who man the missile sites dotting the rolling prairies and highly visible in that part of the state.  It gives you a sense of security, knowing they are there, silent, vigilant.

We stopped in the home town for some business and lamented the state of the economy and what it has done to such towns.  They're there.  That's about it.  Service centers for the surrounding ranches.  Yet they survive.  In some sense you can go home again for little ever changes.

Politics, as in everything, plays a large part.  They're having a heated Senatorial race with all the 'he did this' and 'he did that' moments that happen everywhere.  Ho hum.  I've set it aside for a few days.  There's just so much of it going on I'm suffering from brain freeze.  I just don't want to hear it.

One other thing I'd like not to hear or see and I hadn't before our little jaunt.  It's the number of signs we saw posted in yards and fields that implored 'Impeach Obama'.  That isn't politics as usual.  That's serious anger.  Publicly on display.

A lot?  Enough to have noticed and commented on it.  What does that tell you?  It tells me a whole lot of people who aren't included in the fancy polls are fed up, frustrated and angry.  Whether it's a better indicator of the mood of the people or not remains to be seen.  It is, however, an indicator!


Venus Blues Hideaway said...

Hello Mary,

I was just reading your post, I found from from the "This Girls Art" blog. I guess there are so many opinions in politics and to tell you the truth--up to about 4 years ago, I didn't give a hoot about them. Obama changed that for me. I distrust him intensely and he scares me. I feel like if we don't get him out our country will be altered forever and not for the good. I, like you, wish that we had a better candidate to run against him. But, if Romney is the only option that I have, I'll take it. I just wish that he had more fire in his a** than he does. I wish that he was more passionate about defending himself. I wish that the world would wake up and see Obama for what he is.........i wish, I wish, I wish.......that could go on forever, couldn't it. I have become a follower so that I can pop in often, I think that we have much in common. Hope to get to know you better.


Mari Meehan said...


Welcome aboard! I value all of my readers, but I LOVE like-minded ones! You're a validation; what I see or think I see in all things politic is shared!


Margie's Musings said...

I am an Obama person. I think it's been an uphill battle for him all the way. The Republicans have blocked every plan he's had except the health care plan. It's good he got that done first or it never would have been done at all.

It's a miracle he got anything accomplished this first term with all the racism involved. No one wants to admit their racist trends but they're there....thinly disguised.

cconz said...

I'm with you Margie. I love the man. If anybody believes mitt will be a great fix for our country, is running on empty (in the head) Obama has done the best he good do with what he could work with.