Friday, August 10, 2012

Come Out, Come Out Where Ever You Are!

Have you noticed nothing is working this silly season?  The vitriolic ads coming from the Democratic side are so fast, furious, mean spirited and inaccurate people are beginning to get disgusted with them.  Even with untold numbers of fund raisers, their results are lagging behind Romney's.  Time for a new strategy.  Get out the vote in key states.

That's a pretty good idea and probably less expensive than what they're doing now.  They're spending millions of dollars to defeat an invisible candidate!

Yesterday I had reason to spend hours in the car.  I listened to talk radio.  Ingraham and  Limbaugh who of course are conservative stalwarts to Jerry Doyle and Michael Savage who have yet to find a politician of either party they'd give the time of day to.  My kind of talk shows - equal opportunity bashers!

To a man, and a woman, they were all asking the same question.  Where the heck is Romney and the Republicans?  It's bad enough the candidate himself is missing in action but so is his entire party!  When Garry Trudeau does a rendition of Romney I expect it will be an enigmatic smile and nothing else.

If he were British I might understand his stiff upper lip doggedness,  gentlemanly don't you know, against everything being thrown at him.  But he's not British.  He's American and running for President.  I'd expect at least some vocal indignity from being accused of not paying his taxes, being a felon and causing the death of a woman to cancer!  But no.  Just that smile.

To take it a step further, where are the leaders of his party?  Mitch McConnell and John Boehner.  I haven't heard a word from either! And darn little from anyone else except the conservative pundits.  Flash to Romney,  they can't carry it for you.

My friends over at the Picket Project are advocating group collaboration as a tool to make a difference in our political climate.  Maybe it's time to collaborate on an Om Mantra to penetrate Romney's brain and inner circle and convince him he's got to answer back! Say something!  Last I heard they're considering a new strategy.  Get out the vote in key states.

That's the flavor of the day.  Who knows what it will be next week.  I have a feeling, however, that by November Ommmm will change to Zzzzzz and the only thing we'll be getting out is snow shovels.

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