Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dogwalk's Secret Code - "They're Nuts!"

First Donna Brazile says Mitt Romney's joke about no one having asked him for a birth certificate is code.  Last night Al Sharpton went on about dog whistles - you know, the ones we can't hear but dogs can.  That's how the code is sent.  Then Chris Matthews tells us "Chicago" is code for racism.

This code, you realize, is designed for those of us trying to figure out which undeserving party is going to weasel a vote out of us.  The pitch of the dog whistle is just such that we can hear it and realize it's a plot against the President and we had ought to tune it out.

We're supposed to listen to this crew and take any of their commentary seriously? Seriously?

The birther joke is old news.  It really didn't go anywhere except maybe with Donald Trump.
At my age I have trouble hearing anything, what's more a high pitched dog whistle!  Heck, I'm not sure my old dog Bacchus ever heard one.  He could turn a deaf ear to anything if it suited his purpose.  Especially 'come'.  But then this isn't about dogs.  It's about those vile Republicans and the lengths to which they'll stoop to remind voters the President is (gasp) black!  Next, no doubt, there will be rose colored glasses to alter the perception of the fact.

Then there is Chicago.  That toddlin' town.  It has always been code for the White Sox or the Cubs or da Bears.  If you want to get away from sports code try the arts - fine museums, opera, symphony, a couple of great zoos.

Really though, the Chicago stereotype has do do with Al Capone,  booze, prohibition, gangsters and g-men.  Not to mention deep dish pizza.  Corrupt politicians and the multitudes of dead who vote.  Really, nothing racist there.  Ethnicity, yes.  Race?  No.

I can name two blacks from Chicago other than the family of the President.  Roland Burris who got the Senate seat vacated by the now President and - well, the President.  They have similar claims to fame - monumental egos.  Burris built himself a monument where one day he will be buried.  Obama is building himself one of a different sort.  Neither has to do with race as much as personality.  No secret code there.

MSNBC.  Code? Maybe though it's hardly secret.  It's way too obvious and certainly easy to hear if you can stand to listen. It stands for a collection of idiotic conspiracy theorists who are so vacant this is all they can come up with as commentary at a political convention - and beyond.
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Word Tosser said...

just when you think this election .can't get any weirdier.. they lower the bar...
glad I am going to be out of computer and probably tv reach for the next week.. the slience ought to be wonderful...

Margie's Musings said...

Be sure to check out to see how much of what was said last night is true.

I'll give you a clue...not much.

Tommy said...

Personally, I think it's all a bunch of
-... ..- .-.. .-.. / ... .... .. -

if you ask me.. :-)

OK, so you can de"code" it here: