Saturday, September 01, 2012

Morsi Gets It!

I have yet to form a strong opinion on the whole of the Arab spring movement.  We have been witness to civilian uprisings, military crackdowns,  dictatorships falling and governments rising.

We've wanted people to have democratic elections and at times we've tried to influence them to no avail.  Sometimes we've seen our choice elected and disappoint.  We've seen others elected and surprise.

I think newly elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi is one such.  There was much concern when he battled his own military for control.  There is concern that he is a member of the feared Muslim Brotherhood.  There was concern when it became known he was to attend the conference of non-aligned nations in Tehran.

The conference was of course a ploy by Iran to create an illusion of support against the crippling sanctions imposed because of its nuclear program, its support of Syria and its stand against Israel.

All I can say is Hallelujah, it failed.  In front of 120 countries Mr. Morsi condemned Syria's regime as 'oppresive and devoid of legitimacy'.  That is a pretty strong rebuke.  He went on to condemn all of the countries for their lack of intervention to stop it.

To emphasize what one can hope is a growing realization that things must change by their hand, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon joined in the condemnation of Tehran along with their threats to Israel and penchant for denying historical events - namely the Holocaust.

The Iranian media even went so far as to quit translating Mr. Morsi's comments and branded him as 'immature' and new at diplomacy.

Even though Iran has been elected to head the Movement for the next three years, there have been complaints about the cost considering the strain the sanctions have imposed.  Not that Ahmadinejad cares a whit about what the people think.  His hope was to negotiate oil deals with the delegates to ease their problems but success seems unlikely.

 Can it be that even rogue countries who don't like us any better than the Iranians finally recognize the poison in their midst?  Obviously Mr. Morsi does.

That leaves Iran with it's tried and true allies for what they're worth.  Venezuela, if Chavez lives.  Syria, if  al-Assad lives and the untested Kim Jong-un of North Korea. It's not a group I'd want to trust.  I'd expect they'd turn against me in a minute if it suited their purpose.

It will be interesting to watch how this plays out.  It would be the most promising action in decades if Iran's own neighbors brought it to heel.  Peace in the mid-east might then be more than wishful thinking.  If Obama is re-elected it will all be on their shoulders so they are indeed masters of their own fate.

The end of the tunnel may not yet be in sight, but the light from within seems to be coming from Mr. Morsi.  May he be successful in switching on the others.

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