Monday, September 17, 2012

Who Is Lying?

Someone is lying to us about the current turmoil in the middle east.  Is there really any question as to who? If it is the governments in Egypt and Libya, why?  If it is our government, which I strongly expect, I cannot begin to voice my contempt.

Our government is telling us that four of our citizens, including an ambassador and two former Navy Seals, have been killed in Libya, at least 6 more in Afghanistan and probably several more I've yet to read about, all because of a two bit video that someone had to search out on You Tube and get to several thousands of Muslims in numerous countries around the world.  Spontaneous turmoil so it's said. How many of those protesters actually saw the video and and are able to verify its content?  Or could it possibly be well orchestrated turmoil?

Okay, with an election coming up the last thing the President needs is this kind of distraction.  Best place the blame and move on.  Come on.  At least make it credible!

When both the Egyptians and the Libyan governments say they not only heard rumblings of the possibility of trouble on or around 9/11, but also warned us several days in advance, why has this not been verified and reported if not true?  They aren't backing down and we're not doing anything to discredit that information except deny it.  Are we supposed to swallow this hook, line and sinker?  I think not.

Instead we get bombarded with the video story ad nauseum.  Our ambassador to the UN even goes so far as to denigrate the ability of those governments to have intelligence sources capable of ferreting out such information by claiming we have intelligence they do not.  Funny, they're on the ground, they live there, speak the languages and understand any nuance that might apply.  Can we honestly match that?

If we're so intelligent, in a different context, why were the Marines in Egypt told to not have live ammunition on 9/11?  With all the security heaped on us in this country around that date, why would we not double down in the middle east and any other heavily Muslim area?

Information is still coming out and the protests continue.  I can see no other reasonable explanation for any of this except that, for whatever reason, we dropped the ball. It's embarrassing.  It cost a lot of good men their lives.  It appears one of a couple of ways.  Either we just can't be bothered to look after business or we are incredibly naive.  Neither is very flattering.

If it turns out, however, that a communique or something similar should appear verifying what those governments have told us, those who have concocted the current scenario should all be held in contempt of and by the citizens of the United States.

Remember all this when the movie, that was made with the help of the United States government, about the killing of Osama bin Laden hits the theaters in December, that these 'spontaneous protestors' have been shouting, "We're all bin Laden!"

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