Friday, October 05, 2012

Time For A Rewind

What a week!  First there was the important stuff, like getting a cataract removed.  I missed most of Tuesday because of it.  I was given a pre-surgery Valium to calm any jitters.  I slept away the rest of the day!

Then there was the anticipation of the presidential debate. It was full of surprises for some, hoped for results for others, stress for just about everyone on MSNBC and last but not least a fair amount of entertainment.

The spin followed.  I wonder if the voting public has gotten tired of hearing about what a despicable man Mitt Romney is.  Wow.  The sarcasm drips and the venom flows.  I don't see the extreme anger and accusations of lying and cheating as very attractive.  How the heck do you cheat in a debate anyway?  Sore losers aren't attractive either no matter which side.

Today brought the unemployment numbers.  It's my nature but I find the drop to be nothing short of miraculous. It's business as usual however.  No one is drilling down the number to see how many more have just dropped out of the job market.  After all the 114,000 new jobs is way below expectations so how did they do the math?

I must confess, my vision wasn't instantly cured.  One pupil is still considerably larger than the other and things are still slightly blurry because of it.  It takes time for things to normalize.  Like figuring out the truth about those numbers!

By the middle of next week, my one week mark, I can quit sleeping with two pillows and an eye patch.  I can get back to a modicum of housework but since that's my normal I'll hardly know the difference.

That's the key.  Back to normal.  Back to anticipating another debate.  Will Joe Biden make any huge, hilarious gaffes in this debate with Paul Ryan?  Will Ryan be able to hold his own?  Will the poll numbers shift or continue to wallow around where they've been throughout the campaign season?

Will the truth about those job numbers come out?  Will the tapes suggesting a racist side to the President make a difference?  Will the idea that the government should not be funding radio or television trump the impact of taking it away on Big Bird and his buddies?

I've so much to look forward toand the entire week end to get the gears  remeshed. By then the polls will tell us just how the public has sorted things out.  Or at least the media's opinion.  There's always a slant to consider.

Yep, that will really be back to normal.  Seeing as clearly as possible just how confusing everything is.


John Dwyer said...

Good luck on healing. Glad you can still watch the entire debates and comment. I just cannot sit still for them as their similarity to commercials is too much and post debate comments treat it all as a ball game. So, I just walk in and out of the TV room much like a ping pong ball with legs.

Tommy said...

"No one is drilling down the number to see how many more have just dropped out of the job market."

I find it interesting that this comes up once in a while, when it seems convient. The numbers went from 8.1% to 7.8% unemployment. Now their saying that that 7.8% is not real because of those individuals that dropped out of the job market (stopped collecting unemployment). This means the 7.8% is much higher.

If this is true then we have to adjust the 8.1% as well. You see, the unemployment rate is based on those collecting benefits, not on those that are not. There is NO REAL was of knowing how many people are not working in this country.

Bottom line; however you count it, the rate still went down .3%.

"Seeing as clearly as possible just how confusing everything is." Mari, you're right on. Glad everything seems to have gone well for you.

Anonymous said...

Happy your procedure went well, and that you are on the mend to a full recovery--woohoo! Now if only the presidential candidates were as normal and sensible, and could see as clearly...then there would be less emphasis on crunching numbers, and more input on a resolution/recovery.