Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The ZZZZzzzzz Have It

You know it's a slow news day when the media finds need to point out Hillary dozing during Obama's speech in Myanmar.

In her defense, have you ever tried to listen to one of his speeches all the way through?

Considering the schedule she's been keeping, I'm going to giver her some slack.
Flying can be tiring.  Even with your own quarters you probably don't rest as well as you should plus she's no kid any more.  And the partying she supposedly did in Australia, the wine tastings and all, probably took their toll.

All things considered, she's in some pretty good company when it comes to dozing off during a Presidential speech.  What happened to the guy who gave that rousing red state, blue state speech that enthralled a nation and boosted him into the presidency?

Now don't get upset with me because these are all Democrats.  I'm short of time today and these were the only pictures I could find.  I'm willing to concede just as many Republicans were probably dropping off during the same speeches.

As for the President, it's a tough job holding everyones attention.  One reason why they look like jack-in-the-boxes during his speeches isn't necessarily to applaud points but maybe to stay awake.

Oops!  What's this?  Well, all that policy stuff is pretty boring and since no one is listening anyway...

Okay, they probably all had a big meal before sitting down to listen.  We can empathize with that, right?  Think about tomorrow after you've finished up the pumpkin pie and cleaned the kitchen.  What's most likely to happen?  You'll repair to the couch, curl up and turn on the football game.

What's the score? ZZZZzzzzzz.

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