Sunday, November 11, 2012

Valerie Jarrett - Power Behind The Throne

Is it possible we have a stealth presidency?  Someone other than the front man is actually calling the shots?  How's that for a conspiracy theory?  Or is it?

Just who is Valerie Jarrett?  She's Michelle's best friend and Obama's closest advisor.  She is the last one to leave the oval office after meetings, all of which she is privy.  She has dinner with them in the family quarters. She vacations with them.  She is his backbone. She is his Svengali without credentials.

Early on in Chicago she was one of a group who recognized Obama's potential and maneuvered his entry into Daly's political circles while she was fighting allegations of her own corruption.  Messy.

It is said she is the one who pushed Obamacare and Solyndra, was instrumental in forcing out Larry Summers and after he balked three times in fear of his political future if it failed,  convinced Obama to take out Bin Laden.  This is one powerful woman.

When bits and pieces of stories start oozing out of Washington, it's a good bet there is something to them.  The current buzz is that she's holding some sort of talks with Iran.  It will be interesting to watch this flesh out.  It also might explain a lot about Obama's mercurial policies around the Middle East.

Ms. Jarrett shares a common ground with Obama.  The mix of Muslim/Americanism and the intellectual and societal conflicts that seem to come with it.  She was born in Iran and though was only there for five years, obviously has maintained some very close ties.  If she didn't it seems unlikely that would have named her "Iranian of the day" as recently as August, 2008.

I'd be interested in knowing just what her role concerning Iran is if indeed she has one.  I suspect where there's smoke there's fire.  It could be a plus I suppose though there is no evidence she is guided by nor responsible to anyone other than herself. Are we merely to "trust" Obama's judgement in utilizing this woman? In any vein including domestic issues?

No wonder Israel is nervous.  They know Obama has no taste for military action to keep nuclear arms out of Iran's hands. It appears at this point nothing we've put forward has been a deterrent.  Thus Israel's position.

If there is any substance to this story I'd be very concerned that our national security may well be in the hands of an unelected, unconfirmed confidant of the President who's greatest credential is being an advisor on subjects in which she has absolutely no background nor experience.


Uncle Ron said...

This is very interesting on...

Mari Meehan said...

Uncle Ron,

Valerie Jarret, highligted in red, takes you to your link.

Margie's Musings said...

Did you find this information on Fox News? That's what it sounds like.

Mari Meehan said...

Margie, I did not find this on Fox News. If you knew how to follow links you could read it for yourself. Or do a little research on your own other than quoting fact check sources that are not always accurate. I seldom if ever use FOX news as source material. The relationship between Obama and Jarrett is well know. It is rarely reported on for obvious reasons. I have never heard it mentioned on FOX.

Since you always seem to find fault with my questions and observations, and that's all my posts consist of, feel free to not read my blog.