Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A Hardened People

As I watch the developments in Syria I worry.  I worry about the loss of innocent life all for the ambitions of a failing dictator.  Especially for the children who are always the hope of nations.  The question is, what kind of hope?

I've noted that we've given our usual stern warning and I expect nothing more to follow.  We have a President who has little taste for engagement in anything close to war.  I'm curious to where his stance has come from.  I'm not criticising it.  I wish all world leaders shared his distaste for it. I'd like to hear him articulate why he has such an aversion.  I think it may be different than mine but as long as it's an aversion,  perhaps it's enough.

I fear, however, world peace is an oxymoron.  We will never see it because there is always someone who sees the grass greener and won't hesitate to go to war to get it. It is a human failing.

While skimming articles from a variety of sources regarding Syria's potential use of chemical weapons I find few think there is any threat to the rest of the world.  I would think that would be determined by how many they actually have, how good their delivery systems are and whether or not their supply would be decimated by use on their own people.  That being said, let's assume it's true.  Especially for us, being as far away as we are.

Then I started reading the comments on the various articles.  I was stunned.  That we are war weary came as no surprise.  What did surprise me was the amount of venom directed at the people who would be affected.  Civilians.  And children.  The prevailing attitude seemed to be, so what?  They're all Arabs.  Consider that a catch all category for the region as a whole.

I look at things differently.  I think of the humanity or lack of it in any war.  The ethnicity of the people involved has really never entered my mind. War is war.  People die.

I understand though.  You look at their inhumanity toward one another.  You look at a Karzai constantly finding fault with our efforts on his behalf while he squirrels away millions of our dollars.  You look at Iran and their indifference toward the suffering of their own people by virtue of crippling embargoes all so they can develop nuclear capability. You look at a leader who no sooner became such because we made elections in his country possible grab unabated power as soon as he could.

You look at people who hate us so much they'll fly planes into our buildings, torpedo our ships and kill our diplomats. You look at an ally who harbors the mastermind of such attacks and provides safe haven to terrorists of all stripes including those who would shoot a fourteen year old girl for wanting an education.

Feel sorry for them?  Feel sorry for them because while they may be civilians, given half a chance they would probably turn their wrath on us?

I understand the anger and yes, the hate. They're the ones who taught us how deeply seated it can be.  As for the children, I can't help but wonder which is worse,  dying now or dying later. That's harsh. But then so is the idea that they too are being taught how to hate.  The only variance seems to be when time is taken out to rid themselves of a dictator.  Then it's turned right back at us.

I understand how those commenters feel.  I don't like it, but I understand.  As my readers often remind me, there are no winners in war.  Too bad our President's distaste for it isn't universal. 

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Margie's Musings said...

I understand their hate for us. We are considered infidels by the Muslim people. We are occupying their holy land of Iraq and Afghanistan and interfering in Pakistan.

We support Israel and Israel keeps encroaching on Palestinian land, dividing it so they can't get to their work and families. We pressure Arab energy producers to keep oil prices low. And we support apostate, corrupt and tyrannical Muslim governments.

Under similar circumstances, we would hate them too. How would we like it if they occupied Manhattan Island or Washington DC? We really need to see things from their point of view sometime.