Sunday, December 09, 2012

Victims Or A Lack Of Personal Responsibility?

This is the time of year when keeping ones weight in check is a constant struggle.  I know.  My metabolism has never been in sync with my appetite, especially when surrounded by delectable aromas.

We also live in an era of weight consciousness that has spread from New York City's ban on large sugary drinks to the First Lady's fight against  less than nutritional foods in schools.

When this story flashed across CNN last evening it caused me to do a double take.  It seems when an employee was entering the check for these ladies into the register he entered "1 guest, 1 fat girl".  Math skills are lacking too since there are three of them.  Never-the-less, the girls were mortified. Enough so that their story made the national news.  How did that happen?  Nothing like sharing your embarrassment with the world!

So what did they have to eat?  Just curious.  Each had a tri tip sandwich with fries, two had Cokes and one had a Sprite.  Not exactly your low cal spread but definitely something I would order on occasion.  Skip the fries though.  I don't particularly like them.

What caused my double take, however, is that they are fat!  That some unthinking young man might choose to take a poke at them doesn't surprise me though you'd think the dining establishment would have had better sensitivity training.

The ladies had 25% knocked off their check and the restaurant is deciding what to do with the young man who erred. But what about those ladies? If they are as sensitive about their weight as they seem to be, there are ways to combat it.  Tri tips and fries isn't one of them.

And too, if they are as sensitive about their weight as they'd like us to believe, why put themselves in front of the entire world.  This is CNN after all.

Yes, the young man did wrong.  He offended the ladies.  But you know what? Looking at the three of them making such a fuss about it in the media is something I find even more offensive.

I don't think this is what is supposed to be meant by "living off the fat of the land".


Margie's Musings said...

How insensitive! Even if one thinks it, no one should put that on their ticket.

Tommy said...

Mari said: "I don't think this is what is supposed to be meant by "living off the fat of the land"."

Taking this one step further, is to say that they are living off the fat of the land. Do you think that maybe CNN paid them for this story? Now that's sick...