Sunday, January 06, 2013

Out With The Old, In With The New

It has been said the United States Senate is the world's greatest deliberative body. That's out.  You can't deliberate an issue if it isn't presented.  That's in.

Washington's game of 'survival of the fittest' has had the rules changed.  I was thinking it was age related but then decided that was wrong.  Neither Harry Reid nor Nancy Pelosi are exactly spring chickens.  Neither is Mitch McConnell. What it boils down to is the ability to change with the times.  The Democrats have mastered it.  The Republicans have failed miserably and don't seem to get it.

We have a President who was unprepared for the job and has yet to develop what we elderly seem to think are the necessary skills.  So much for our not adapting!  He has instead decided to ignore those niceties and do what suits his own skill set best.  He doesn't know how to negotiate and as long as he's able to bully the opposition into bending to his will he feels the effort to learn would be wasted. So far it has worked wonderfully well for him.

I'm beginning to get it.  Within the Tea Party most members, Obama's age group rather than mine, share the skill of bullying.  So do those who support them.  Compromise?  How old school! Thus the fracture within the Republican Party.

So what are they to do with the next round of fiscal talks?  I know what I'd like to see.  I'd like the House to write their own legislation laying out the trade offs between cutting spending, more taxes and raising the debt ceiling.  No new taxes without a complete tax code overhaul.  They offered closing the loopholes.  Obama said no so that's it.  You want them closed now?  Tax code overhaul. Write it up, send it to the Senate and broadcast that you've done it and the details at the top of your lungs.

Debt ceiling?  This is what we will raise it to and this is what will be cut to make it at least cost neutral. Period.  Write it up.  Send it to the Senate and broadcast it to the people at the top of your lungs.  If the Tea Party continues to defect let it be known the consequences of doing so.  At the top of your lungs. No matter they are fellow Republicans. One of you is wrong and the one who will be deemed wrong is the quiet one.

That's the new way of doing things.  In your face and none too polite to boot. It's not the way I was taught to do things, but it's how they are done today.  I was fairly young when I realized my Mother was uncomfortable with confrontation.  I'm not particularly proud of it but I did learn how to manipulate that bit of knowledge to my advantage on more than one occasion.

The Democrats have done just that to the Republicans.  They are uncomfortable taking a hard nosed stand on anything.  So the Democrats take full advantage of it and win and win and win.  They are anything but likable when they take this stance.  They do, however, get things done their way.

The Republicans haven't learned how to counter.  Fight apples with apples, not oranges.  Because fight you must. Deliberations and compromise are the old way.  Not that it wouldn't still work but trying when the deck is stacked against you is the real waste of energy.

Maybe it is time for new leadership.  It's time to place people in those position that have scrapped for advancement rather than those who have gone along to get along hoping the promotions would come by that virtue alone.  Those who can take on the sacred cows and win.

Nope.  Being 'nice' and 'sensible' no longer cuts it. Israel knows that having our finger poked in their eye means they're on their own.  Obama knows that Chuck Hagel isn't the most popular choice for Secretary of Defense. The end?  Israel will do what it feels it must.  Obama will do what he wants no matter the wisdom of it. It's how things are these days. We either adapt and make the best of the hand we dealt ourselves or retire to the rocking chair with a good book.

Books.  They are so old school!

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