Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Benefit Of Multiple Sources

When I write a post I usually always use more than one source.  Even if it's just setting forth an opinion, it will have been formed from several sources.

The point is ideas can be improved upon by considering multiple points of view rather than just one. Our government, including the President, might benefit by doing the same.

Today I read Dan Henniger's column suggesting it would be wise if the Republicans had a spokesperson for both the House and Senate a la Jay Carney for the President.  I've though this for some time.  Mainly because both Boehner and McConnell are every bit as boring as Pelosi and Reid and none of them use their own bully pulpit well.

Jay Carney too is as dull as most of my kitchen knives.  Most White House press secretaries are.  The best in recent memory was the late Tony Snow.  Never-the-less, Carney has a daily briefing and whatever the administration wants said gets said.  If the Republicans could conjure up a couple of charismatic types who know how to work a crowd and held regular press briefings maybe they too could get said what they want said.

Moving on to another column, the Financial Times Lucy Kellaway was addressing how a bank's supposedly child friendly Facebook page was anything but.  As I read her examples I realized the bank was talking much the same way politicians do.  Beyond understanding for the average reader let alone a child.

In other words, use words and phrases that are understandable and succinct.  That eliminates all elected officials.  It shouldn't be an elected official anyway.  Too much bias.  It needs to be someone articulate and obedient to leadership.  That assumes there is leadership.  In other words, such and such is the party line.   When any member of the House or Senate is questioned refer them to the spokesperson. Free lancing is not allowed.

The spokesperson will then lay out policy and position in terms a ten year old can understand. To me it would beat seeing the same tired old faces on every talk fest known to man droning on about how bad the opposition is and how wonderful their own concept is.

Just crisp facts, such as the party can muster.  Same song, same verse in daily briefings until the media has to pay attention.

What do you think?  A sensible solution by joining hands across the sea.  The colonies Dan Henniger and the Red Coats Lucy Kellaway. How Revolutionary is that?

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