Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Death Of Democracy?

As our government touts the desire to see every government in the world suffering unrest achieve democracy, I'm wondering if we're seeing the demise of our own.

We have laws yet both our Congress and our President break them.  Yes.  Break them.  It is law that the White House submit a budget by February 4th.  They have let it be known it will be late. Again.  It is law that the Senate produce a budget.  They haven't for the past four years.

I wonder why these laws are on the books?  Obviously there are no consequences for breaking them.  On top of that the President has developed a penchant for going around Congress by issuing executive orders.  I have no problem with that in itself.  All Presidents do it.  But somehow the possibility of 19 of them to enforce his gun control agenda seems to be a lot.

I guess what bothers me is his tone.  When a reporter actually asks a tough question he gets touchy.  His press secretary is always snarky.  When he suggests that the Republicans see a conspiracy in everything it reminds me of the Clinton years and their vast right wing conspiracy theories.  Now it seems the shoe is on the other foot according to the President. The trouble is he's manufacturing truth to fit what he wants.

I've seen nothing conciliatory since the election. It's nothing new.  It's how Obama does business, but it's unsettling.  He keeps pushing the envelope. From gun control to the debt ceiling, the President is trying to dictate the terms by a combination of political theater and intimidation.

What's worse the Republicans have forgotten how to fight back.  They seem to be so afraid of being 'blamed' for something, they cower like a beaten dog.  They're going to get blamed no matter.  I wish they'd forget about their political career paths and dig in.  The fact that Obama had a testy press conference indicates the press may finally be paying attention.

He may also have pushed the envelope close to the breaking point. Two different Congressmen are rumbling about impeachment if he takes both gun control and/or the debt ceiling into his own hands, by passing Congress.

That's ugly talk but desperate measures for desperate times.  I hope cooler heads on both sides prevail. Obama has an arrogance problem he needs to resolve.  As President he should be above using some of the rhetoric and tactics he seems to hold so dear. He's the one who should be looking for common ground but again he defines that as being only what he wants.

It would be a shame if he should cross the point of no return and someone actually takes action.  Even if he'd be found not guilty a la Clinton, the shame would be forever.  It would permanently tarnish what could have been a brilliant Presidency all because he either will not or does not know how to play nicely with others.


Word Tosser said...

nothing is worse than a lame duck President.. and this one is in so much hot water before he even takes his second oath... we can only imagine what the next 4 years are going to be.. Why oh, why isn't Congress stepping up? Party be dammn.. do what is right for the country.

Margie's Musings said...

I am of the opinion that much of the Obama criticism is non acknowledged racism. That's why he cannot seem to get much done with Congress. The southern representatives simply cannot abide a black president. It simply galls them that he was not only elected but also re-elected.

Other white presidents' have been able to work with a split congress (Clinton, for example)but then they weren't black. And many of these critics think he is just too "uppity" when he shows his displeasure.