Saturday, February 23, 2013

Axelrod And Gibbs - Fair Or Biased?

I have been accused of no longer offering anything insightful on this blog.  By a reader of a third party blog who is known only to the administrator and a chosen few.  Certainly not to me but by rumor and I don't put much trust in rumors. Actually I'd be more than happy to do without both.

However, that being said, let me try again. According to The Washington Times both David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs, the long time faces of the Obama administration's  election efforts, had found themselves without gainful employment.

MSNBC to the rescue!  They have both been hired to be "independent analysts" for the network. MSNBC could certainly use some.

I can't fault MSNBC for grabbing these two.  After all, FOX has long made it a practice to employ the no longer relevant to shed light on the political morass. Who could do a better job of explaining the inner workings of all things Obama?  They do fall short, however, when it comes to giving a fair and balanced view of the Republican side.  They should be able to prevail, never-the-less, because the entire MSNBC news team falls short in that area. Their motto should be, "No independent thought allowed".

For the sake of that lacking insight, let me suggest we now have two media outlets that represent the extremes of both political entities and they both are adding more demagogues to their rosters.  One thing FOX does do better than MSNBC is to offer up Juan Williams, Alan Colmes and newcomer Dennis Kuchinich, among others, as token liberals.  Does MSNBC front any token conservatives?  They may, but truthfully I don't watch them enough to know.

I do watch all the network news outlets however, and if you weigh the sincerity factor versus the tabloid factor, they are somewhat but only somewhat more difficult to decipher.  As one commentator said last evening, you should be able to listen to a report without being able to tell which party the reporter belongs to.  Those days are long gone.

It all comes back to having to do your own homework.  Search out a variety of sources, weight the pros and cons of the arguments put forth and try to make an intelligent decision.  No easy task.

One thing is for sure.  You can weight the tabloid factor against the hard news factor and have both fluctuate.  As for the entertainment factor,  this week MSNBC wins it hands down. To think these two gentlemen will be anything other than cheerleaders for the President's point of view is laughable.

How's that for insight? Still not good enough?  Tough.


Word Tosser said...

accused of no longer offering anything insightful on this blog????

I don't get where they are coming from... do they actually read your blog? the whole thing? I find it very insightful.. 98% of the time spot on..and the other 2%? well, those are times I might not agree with what your wrote.. but I am allowed that. lol.. I love the fact that you use facts.. and write it so even a low news person as myself can understand your point.. Thanks, Mari, for always being true to thy self.. don't ever change.

Margie's Musings said...

Personally I watch PBS with Shields and Brooks. They seem to give a fair analysis.