Saturday, February 09, 2013

Black And Not At All Scary

Not long ago a member of a local school board was at a public forum where guns were being discussed.   He quoted an incident where he described them as being black and scary and his wife had quipped that so was Obama.

You would not believe the charges of racism and insensitivity this generated. For the record, it is a comment I'd likely have made to Hub under similar circumstances.  Obama is black and his policies are scary.  That's the point that was missed.  His  policies.  Not the fact he is black.

Oh, my, the race card is alive and well.  What is needed to squelch the nonsense? Perhaps more blacks having the courage to speak out.  Enter Dr. Ben Carson and his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Best known, I believe, for his work on separating co-joined twins,  this John Hopkins neurosurgeon will soon be known for a whole lot more. He's my new hero as a practitioner of truth and common sense.

There he stood at the podium, President Obama to his left as you faced them, saying this country does have a debt problem. That our educational system is sorely lacking. There are more simple answers to health care than those being imposed on us.  Admitting he was politically incorrect, he also made clear he was not apologizing for it.  He emphasized that we need truth in what we speak, not pandering.

Every time a person of color steps to the fore I am encouraged.  In the recent past we've had Alan West and Herman Cain and more recently Tim Scott. They are as good an example of "everyman" that I can think of.  They believe in the greatness of our country and worry about the path on which we're being taken.  They speak truth for all of us, not just people of color nor minorities and we need more of them. We need them shouting so the accusation of racism is drowned out.

We don't need more poll workers who brag about having voted twice for the President plus a few extra times for various family members who pass through her home on occasion.  We don't need voters who vote for the President because there was a free cell phone in it for them.  We don't need voters who vote because of color be it black or white, or any other, as the sole reason.  We don't need people of color being told they aren't black enough should they disagree with the President.  These are the people who are racist.

It would be note worthy if the President listened to what Dr. Carson had to say and actually found merit in it but I'm willing to bet he did not.  He isn't a listener. He has a single minded vision and strategy and no amount of talk is going to change it unless, maybe, it comes from someone he really respects.  So far, however, he hasn't shown any respect for people who disagree with him.

It's a start though, when a man such as Dr. Carson will stand before him, as one of his own, and tell him that in many respects he is wrong. The message wasn't delivered to people of color in particular, it was aimed at all of us.  It would be helpful, though, if those of color who did listen would see the merit of his critiques and step forward in agreement.

It wouldn't be racist.  It would be patriotic.

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phillip nowden said...

I have read about Dr. Ben Carson, also watched the Movie "Gifted Hands", plus read that book to. i really do wish and pray this president start listening to people like Dr. Carson. This World, this world. In this day and time just pray.