Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spare Me From Stupid Men!

The debate goes on as to whether guns and campuses are compatible.  I'm a little surprised that Colorado is taking the stance that they are not.  This is macho outdoorsy rugged individual country. Maybe the macho part of it is the problem.  You know, the women as property, barefoot and pregnant, etc. I'd not expect so much of that on a campus and certainly not in the legislature, but here we are.

That being the case I shouldn't have been surprised to learn that  one Joe Salazar, a state representative feels rape is due to gender inequity and that women really needn't be permitted to carry a gun for protection. In essence because they are too flighty and emotional making them prone to shoot prematurely if they feel threatened. You know, like being followed in a dark and deserted area  when that's all it is - being followed.  Explain prematurely to me. When is the defining moment and prove to me that a woman would be any more likely to shoot than a man if feeling threatened.  I'd guess less likely.

But then campuses have call boxes and safe zones if you can get to one and the person in question cares. Or blow a whistle.  Someone might be within earshot. And authorities might get there in time to save you - or not.

Where do these men come from and how do they get into office?

The University of Colorado - Colorado Springs has a tip list to keep women safe.  Some do make sense, others are ludicrous like telling your attacker you have a disease or that you're menstruating. Oh, okay.  Nice chatting with you. Or to vomit or urinate.  Well, you might vomit afterwards, and urinate out of sheer terror before and during but I'd bet there are no statistics  as to how effective these bright ideas are to scaring off an attacker. Another charmer is passive resistance.  Right. Just relax.  It will soon be over.  Somehow that goes against instinct.

I understand not wanting a bunch of students drunk as skunks after an all night kegger fighting over the dregs at gun point or worse, but as with most of our gun issues, it isn't that simple.  What the heck is a safe zone?  When does it become not so safe?  When an attack takes place?  Call boxes. Covered that.

Have a gun?  Use it.  Rape is a crime that often has deadly consequences.

I listen to these men and cringe.  It's political but it has no party bias.  Jerks are jerks no matter their affiliation.  One thing they ought to bear in mind.  We women do.  Rape, in the majority of circumstances is committed by men against women.

It's time for we women to band together against these insulting, demeaning pronouncements.  As Helen Reddy sang,  "I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore."

As for shooters in general, when have you heard about a woman grabbing an assault rifle, or any other type of gun, and going to the mall or the school class room or for that matter the campus and opening fire on untold innocents?  Nope.  It's men.  Stupid men.  Don't put any more of them in office.  Please!

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Margie's Musings said...

Oh boy! I really agree with everything you have said this time, Mari.

Some men are assholes...pardon my french but that was the only appropriate term.