Monday, February 11, 2013

What's Happening To Us?

Our country seems to be suffering mood swings. Tomorrow brings the State of the Union address which I expect to be contentious, insulting to the Republicans and to our collective intellect. The aftermath too will be contentious. Some of which is valid.

There is good reason to question the credentials of those chosen to fill cabinet vacancies.  There is good reason to still be angry over Benghazi.  There is good reason to be disgusted with Congress as a whole.

When I read about people who lift my spirits like Dr. Ben Carson yesterday and new Medal of Honor winner Clinton Romesha today, the brief moment of brightness swings to the dark side of our psyche.

How many gun crimes have we had since Sandy Hook?  Several, including yet another today.  The one getting the most attention however, is the former sailor and police officer who has definitely gone over to the dark side. Whether or not Chris Dorner was rightfully or wrongly accused of filing a false report about a fellow officer is an internal problem.  No matter how unjust he felt the outcome, he does not have the right to punish the entire police community by killing them.  That's an understatement if ever there was one. He has obviously lost it and certainly qualifies as one who should not have access to guns.  But he does.

Then I ask, why is there a Facebook page called We are all Chris Dorner full of support for him and against the police? He's being turned into some kind of sick cult hero by equally disenfranchised fans. What kind of people do this?  How many of us really have such deep seated resentment of authority and more importantly, why?  It's crazy!

In a another vein there is the disintegration of our culture and what is and is not acceptable.  Anything goes.  Everything is funny.  If it isn't racist of course.  Take the Justin Bieber skit on Saturday Night Live. He pulls out the waistband of his trousers, sticks his camera in and, wink, wink, takes a photo and tells Hillary to check her e-mail.

He's an eighteen year old kid of questionable talent and appeal.  I cannot believe the producers of Saturday Night Live thought this was appropriate under any circumstance and is certainly demeaning to Mrs. Clinton.  I may not care for her political views but I do respect what she has accomplished for herself. And so should 18 year old Canadians.

I certainly hope Mr. Bieber is not in our country on one of our questionably named genius visas!  Maybe he could share a plane with Piers Morgan and the can both exit the country via Toronto so Mr. Bieber can get off.

I don't know any more.  I get on one of my rants and realize it's an age thing.  My generation has different values and we're seeing them disappear and can do nothing.  I will never stop wondering what brought about the change, where we lost our direction.  Sometimes I think we took the wish to have a better life for our kids farther than we should have and threw caution to the wind in favor of indulgence.

It's beginning to remind me of Sodom and Gomorrah. I'm wondering if two men will appear to give us our due.  If any of us are lucky enough to escape the wrath remember to not look back. That pillar of salt would be bad for the diet. So say the PC police.  Politically correct.  Where are they when they could do some good?

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