Wednesday, March 27, 2013

When Mad Men Rule

Kim Jong Un was on the news last night examining his armaments.  I commented to Hub that I wondered if he was really dumb enough to do something stupid. His response was you never know.  That's about the least comforting answer that could be given.

North Korea loves to rattle it's sabres.  Those who tell us they are in the know also tell us he wouldn't.  He just likes to jerk our chain.  Personally, I don't much trust people in the know these days.  They more often are not.

North Korea has warned us.  They have cut off the last link of communications with the south because war could break out at any moment.  We have of course condemned this latest development but that means nothing.  All our adversaries are sure we will do nothing should it actually happen. They've seen nothing to make them think otherwise as we sit back bickering about Gay marriage while regions around the world are imploding.

It's one reason why we need to keep our nukes. They just might serve as a deterrent but it's hard to tell. Four powerful nations, other than us, are know to have nukes.  Two are allies, two are iffy.  China, France, Russia and the U.K. They are the least likely to use them.  While we may not like their leaders, they are not mad men.

Then there is India, Israel, North Korea and Pakistan.  None are a sure bet to use discretion.  Pakistan is becoming more belligerent by the minute and they both fear and hate India. The feeling is mutual.  Israel has it's own problems but if pushed and feeling abandoned, I don't doubt they'd do what they feel is necessary. North Korea is of course the one doing the threatening and the most wild of cards.

Then there are those with ambitions.  Syria and Iran.  Iran is getting close and they will supply Syria if there is a Syria left to supply.  These two, along with North Korea who would deal with either or both are the nut cases.  Three of them.  Yet you only need one.

Whether or not Syria has actually used chemical weapons against it's own people is still being investigated.  Merely moving them was to be a game changer for the U.S.  That has happened yet what?  Nothing unless distancing ourselves even further is the game.

I have no doubt Iran will succeed.  That too will be a game changer like let's make a deal to keep them from using them on us.

North Korea is the one I most fear.  They seem so inept.  Think of the propaganda videos they've put out.  They are just as bad as the one the IRS put out as a training film parodying Star Trek.  It was awful.  Then there is the one with Hillary denying our involvement in the video that supposedly, since proven wrong, caused the attack in Benghazi.  It too was awful.

It's the ineptness though, paired with madness that worries me.  If we take comfort in the idea of them being bellicose yet impotent and someone slips on a banana peel and hits the wrong button everything goes bang. At that point it doesn't matter if it was intentional or not.

If the other countries are like us and over react to everything like we have with the sequester or Sandy Hook nukes will start falling like rain and countries like dominoes in the rush for dominance. Not that there would be anything left to dominate.

Funny, he seemed like such an innocuous little guy.  Who thought he'd actually do anything?  Well, he did warn us.

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