Sunday, March 03, 2013

When The World Laughs At You Instead Of With You

I've been writing this blog for too many years now.  Somewhere along the way I found myself interested in politics.  I gave up on local politics because I have to live in this community and voicing my opinion would make life even more unpleasant than it is.

I moved on to the national and world scene because I care.  It has become a way to sort things out in my own mind.  I've tried to keep my center right leanings balanced but find I can no longer do so.  I am deeply disappointed in what we have become and in the people we have elected.

That the President of this country would purposely put our economy, our security and people's livelihoods at risk to make a political point is unconscionable. The sequester is the prime example of how this country has run completely amok.  All civility has disappeared. As has all reason.  The President tells us it's going to hurt.  Yes.  It is but not for the reasons he'd have us believe.  I have lost what little respect I've had left for him and wonder if we shall ever recover.

If the ploy to scare us had some finesse to it I might even begrudgingly admire the effort.  But the stupidity of releasing illegals from incarceration because suddenly we are no longer being able to afford it then blaming an underling is one example.  No more air traffic controllers, teachers, police and fire and on and on.  Please.  Please quit insulting my intelligence.

To find a good belly laugh these days we have to go elsewhere.  Like Egypt where our shiny new Secretary of State, John Kerry, is holding court. Can you believe he actually told the Egyptian government and their opposition they need to overcome their differences to create "a sense of political and economic viability" if the country is to survive as a democracy?

He urged them to compromise for the good of their country!  Can you believe it?  They must be rolling in the aisles after that one.  Heaven help them if they look at us as an example of how they should go about doing it.  How clueless are we?

Not only have we begun tuning out our own government and media puppets, other parts of the world are following suit.

The Embassy invited eleven government and opposition movers and shakers to meet Mr. Kerry. The purpose was for them to come to agreement on economic reforms rather than boycotting parliamentary elections in April.  Six showed up.  Three of those six left the gathering still intending to boycott.  So much for our influence.

We're being sent a message whether or not we recognize it.  When Dennis Rodman is the one American who has personally met with Kim Jung Un of North Korea, perhaps it's a hint of the esteem we have lost.

Don't you dare to write North Korea off because young Jung Un is every bit as odd as his father.  Do remember they have nukes.

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Margie's Musings said...

As far as the sequester is concerned, Mari, I blame congress...not the president. Our rich pay far less taxes then they should for their fair share and they get a lot of tax write offs and advantages.

They have tried to push this president around ever since his first term. Much of it is racial..especially the south. They seem to forget that the budget was balanced during the Clinton administration and it was the Bush unfunded ((and unfounded) wars and his unpaid for prescription drug plan that put us where we are.

I used to work for a multimillionaire who collected his and his wife's social security check every month and banked them.

We have used the social security trust fund (and here I laugh) to pay for every war since the "trust fund" was established. It is congress that passes legislation that causes budget deficits.