Friday, April 26, 2013

A Citizen In Search Of Her Nation

Spring has sprung and I've been busy this past week working in the yard.  I thought the warm breeze and sunshine would boost my spirits, but alas, I'd come in at days end and turn on the news.  So much for my mood.

I listened to the interviews with George W. Bush with interest.  I was rather taken with his view on the Presidency.  That his goal was to keep the nation safe, promote freedom around the world and make the best judgements he could for the country given the information he had at any particular time. To move forward as best he could the things that mattered knowing the job would be left to those following.  Not change the nation to his own image of what it should be.  Regardless of party and the way of doing things, that's what President's used to do  - up until now.

I know what's happened so I'm not going to harp on it.  I know it's going to be a long slog back if ever. I know that no amount of sunshine will take away the sadness that at times overwhelms me.

Here's what I think. When the department of Homeland Security has more ammunition than the army, there is something wrong.  When the Administration lies about the circumstances leading to the death of four Americans in the service of their country there is something wrong.  When the Secretary of State lies about signing a denial for extra security which might have saved those particular four there is something wrong.

When our agencies got it so wrong on the people involved in the Boston Marathon bombing there is something wrong.

When the Attorney General says a path to citizenship for people in this country illegally there is a civil right something wrong.

When Congress is scrambling to opt out of Obamacare for themselves and their staff yet the rest of us will have to live with it there is something wrong.

Maybe the worst is when the President continually draws lines in the sand for unacceptable behavior yet allows those who challenge it get away with it time after time there is something wrong.

When the press is more interested in seeing who can bring the most outrageous guests to the Correspondents dinner rather than report the news there is something wrong.

No wonder people want their guns.

You see, this isn't the nation I grew up in and never expected to grow old in. Elections have become popularity contests, the candidates less and less experienced or qualified.  I daresay so are the voters.

As one gets older there are many things you miss about your youth. With me it's the nation that had been mine.

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