Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Once A Tin Ear Always A Tin Ear

Imagine yourself a student on spring break in Washington D.C. having worked hard for the money to make the trip to see how our government works only to find you couldn't visit the peoples' house, the White House.

Imagine yourself a fly on the wall hearing the first lady say, "I want to make sure you all know how welcome you are here in this house, because the truth is we do these things - we make sure that we do these workshops so that you all know that this is your house too."

Who were these words directed to?  A workshop for the film "42", the story of baseball great Jackie Robinson. The guest list?  The stars of the movie including Harrison Ford and Robinson's widow.  Plus a select few students from a few schools including one named for Robinson in L.A.

The 'workshop' was apparently a lesson in overcoming racial prejudice in baseball.  Not that there isn't a place for this type of program even if only to promote the film,  but it leaves me with a sour taste knowing hundreds of kids were deprived from even getting inside the gates.

And excuse me Mrs. Obama.  "...this is your house too"?   Well, it's not yours at all!  It belongs to all of us and you and your family enjoy the high life you live within courtesy of our tax dollars!

I don't understand the mind set of those who politicize everything.  The film community does it as much as the politicians.  I'd think they'd be embarrassed to participate knowing those other youngsters weren't so privileged.

I wonder how much this little soiree cost?  How many extra secret service agents?  How much for entertaining and feeding the Hollywood guests which I'm sure was a part of the 'workshop'.  I don't know.  Would a conservative guess be about $75,000 when all is said and done?  Okay, maybe that's too high, but trust me, it cost.

Quite frankly, not to take away from the Robinson legend, I would guess most of the kids that wanted to tour wanted to learn about and see the White House, not Rachel Robinson nor Harrison Ford. You really have to be of another generation or a die hard baseball fan to even recognize the names.

As far as sensitivity to the sequester, that's right up there with Joe Biden's travel expenses.  The President wants it to hurt.  Okay.  It does.  A slap in the face always hurts and this is just one more.

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