Sunday, April 07, 2013

They're Out Of The Gate And It's Hillary In The Lead...

Did you notice that as Hillary's term as Secretary of State drew to an end her wardrobe grew more and more bazaar? Let's face it, she doesn't do prints well, and certainly didn't lend any sophistication to her office.  Not that it's all that important to many, but I'm one of the old timers who feel appearance still counts.

Now she's had some rest, has been given a clean bill of health and has hit the speaking circuit.  She's looking good. It has ramped up the speculation game of will she or won't she run.

As Maureen Dowd says, of course she's going to run. As long as she stays healthy she's a shoo in.  Consider the two most prominent people who have stated a desire to run if she doesn't.  Joe Biden and Janet Napolitano.  Me thinks that would guarantee us a Republican president.

I'm not a particular fan of Hillary Clinton mostly because she's a Democrat and I'm not.  Too, she didn't accomplish much as Secretary of State other than run up air miles and busy herself into a state of exhaustion.  Not a good recommendation for one who wishes upon themselves the stresses of the presidency.  Though she could take a page from Obama's book and recreate her time through her term. I don't know that she plays golf however.

That aside, I'm more worried about what kind of Democrat she is and that I do not know.  I don't want to see a continuation of the Obama policies of union supremacy, big government intrusion and international malaise.  She has the remainder of Obama's term to answer my questions.

I hope she doesn't overdo and exhaust herself again before she even gets started.  After all, she isn't getting any younger.  That should be a plus when you look at the likely Republican opposition.  At this point they are all relatively young men who seem to still be wet behind the ears.  Jeb Bush, 60 to her 65, is the closet on the maturity scale. Rand Paul is 50 and the others, Cruz, Rubio and Jindal are all in their 40s.  We've had youth and vitality in the office for awhile now and I'm more than ready to re-think maturity! Not Joe Biden, 70, maturity though maturity isn't the biggest reason he'd not get my support.  One could surmise, however, that misspeaking as a matter of habit shows something less than maturity.

Three and three quarter years is a long time. We know who's out of the gate, it will be interesting to see who's going full out in the back stretch and who's holding back for the homestretch. Oh yeah, and who has the best trainers and jockeys!

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Margie's Musings said...

Personally I would have voted for Hillary last time if she had managed to get the nomination. I am and have always been a registered Republican but I always vote for the person...not the party.

I have read her books and have always admired her. She's smart and shes savvy. And now she has the experience of being Secretary of State. If we knew all that they know, we might not be so critical of them.

No one in the Republican field impresses me.