Friday, May 03, 2013

Absolutists Will Be The Downfall Of The Government - Absolutely

What is an absolutist?  They're the politicians who are of the "my way or the highway" creed. Actually President Obama is one though he has found it hasn't worked too well.

One thing the President has had until quite recently is a party that was in lockstep with him.  He had Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid keeping the troops in line, delivering the truth stretching nasties and passing mammoth legislation that is coming back to haunt them.  Their absolutism is falling apart all around them.  The President continues perpetual motion campaigning.

Why the Republicans don't recognize this is beyond me, especially in themselves.  We're obviously not electing people to office that have any ability to govern what-so-ever.  They'd make better dictators.  That should make us sit up and notice and maybe it's a blessing in disguise most of them as of yet haven't.

Take for instance former Senator Jim DeMint who said that he'd rather have the Republican side of the Senate filled with fellow ideologues than the majority.  What does that get you when you're in a system that demands compromise to get things done?  Maybe it's why he's trying to call the shots from the Heritage Foundation now.

Ron Paul was one.  Rand is right on his heels.  Ted Cruz as a newcomer seems drunk with his own self importance not realizing that as the new guy he's doing himself no favors.  His stands will be remembered.  Plus his manner is often demeaning to those who disagree with him.  This is not leadership, this is self importance run amok.

It really ramped up when the conservatives took over the Tea Party and brought to office too many who were like minded. Remember when our politicians were supposed to represent us?  Now days they tell us what we're supposed to believe and won't budge even if it means loss after loss when it could have been wins.

Has it occurred to any of them this is not governing?  Maybe if terrorism around the world wasn't so imminent and creeping onto our shores and health care hadn't come under government's thumb they would be easy to ignore. They could fuss at one another to their hearts content in Washington and those of us who live in the  real world could get on with our lives.

But as luck would have it, we aren't the ones who govern.  So we get to listen as they deny truths about Benghazi, reality about abortion, gun control, immigration reform and the economy.

It has never ceased to amaze me, when reading comments or Tweets on articles of political interest,  how many take the government to task.  Both parties depending on the subject.  Yet we still manage to elect just enough absolutists that little if any thing in the public interest comes gets done.

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Bay Views said...

As it was true in Lord Acton's time, it also is true today. Well said, Mari.