Thursday, May 09, 2013

Celebrity And Politics Don't Mix

One thing I took from the Benghazi hearings is that Hillary Clinton wasn't paying necessary attention to her job. Oh, sure, she racked up more air miles than any of her predecessors but what did she actually accomplish?

 Just as bad if not worse seems to be that the President didn't much care.  While the men in Benghazi were fighting for their lives he was in bed.

Then came the ludicrous story about the You Tube video which both the President and Hillary claimed as the reason for the attacks.  According to the witnesses at yesterday's hearings, both knew better.  In essence they lied to the American people but since neither was under oath, so be it.

Now you can argue that the witnesses were no more than mal contents.  Many of you will, especially those of you who feel the President and Hillary can do no wrong.  I disagree.

Both, I believe, have achieved their status due to celebrity, not ability. The voters seem to be content with it.  Consider everyone who has the slightest possibility of running for higher office in 2014 or 16 is working on their own celebrity status.  It amazes me how we embrace celebrity.

Look at Mark Sanford regaining his old House seat.  An adulterer and a liar.  Anthony wanting to run for Mayor of New York.  I'm not sure exactly how one categorizes a man who tweets photos of his underwear covered privates other than shameless.  I have other words for it, but I doubt anyone cares.

Back to the ones who have already achieved high office.  The compliant media ignored the Benghazi story as much as they could to  successfully protect Obama during the election season. Now they are doing the same in anticipation of Hillary's run.

There are just too many verifiable reports of intimidation, too many rewrites, too much righteous indignation for me to believe these witnesses are lying.  Their careers have already been altered. What is left for them to gain?

Will Hillary succeed in fooling some of the people all of the time?  I expect so.  I just hope she and her machine don't succeed in fooling all of the people.  When you listen to former diplomats and military personnel who have actually participated in government tell what could and should have been it becomes apparent what happens when you have celebrity rather than experience at the helm.

When the Secretary of Defense states the forces who were trained and exist to combat situations like Benghazi couldn't be put in harms way I wonder what they are supposed to do. When the Secretary of State asks "What difference does it make now" I wonder why she doesn't understand it makes every bit as much difference as it did the day it happened.

Who do I want to answer the phone at 3:00 a.m.  The people didn't want Hillary last go 'round.  I hope they don't want her this time either because she likely won't.  They wanted Obama.  They got him and he didn't.

I want someone who cares more about their country than themselves.  Unfortunately they seem to be in short supply in both parties.


Betty said...

There were at least 12 attacks on embassies when George W. Bush was president. I'm still waiting for the outrage.

Mari Meehan said...

Did Bush or his administration lie to the American people about those attacks? If so outrage is appropriate. That doesn't make it okay for this adminastration to do the same.

Why is it everything has to be compared to Bush? He's no longer in office and certainly isn't responsible for the actions of this administration.

Word Tosser said...

add to this... an Air Force commander has stripped 17 of his officers of their authority to control and launch nuclear missiles. Due to lack of proper training AND the lack of taking their job's seriously.. now that is scary..