Friday, May 10, 2013

Evil Incarnate

Have you ever felt like the world was imploding around you?  I sometimes wonder.  We've had our share of evil bubbling to the surface of late.  Fortunately at least some of it gets it's due.

It goes to show, too, evil isn't always connected to gun crimes though, to a degree, Jody Arius is. It was minor, perhaps, considering the 30 stab wounds and slit throat that went along with the bullet in the head.

Look at what has been happening most recently.  We have the Tsarnaev brothers of Boston Marathon infamy.  One has met his maker.  We'll see after what will be a long, protracted process, what happens to the other.  Meanwhile the survivors will get on with their lives as best they can.

Then we have the jury still deliberating over Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortion doctor.  The stories that have come out of that trial make me sick, literally, sick.  One can hope the jury seeks the proper degree of justice for his heinous actions.

On top of all that we have three young women liberated from more than ten years of horror at the hand of Ariel Castro, a sexual sadist beyond imagination.  How will they ever put it behind them?

It would seem men aren't the only monsters who have either gotten away with murder or expected to.  In my mind the jury got it wrong with both Amanda Knox and Casey Anthony.  What combination of mind altering substances brings about behavior such as theirs?

Then there is Jody.  What kind of woman texts a reporter to set up an interview while waiting for her verdict to be read?  Woman heck.  Person.  Period. She's slick, that one.  Her demeanor was as cold as ice.  I'd have been a raving maniac had I just received a guilty verdict to first degree murder as would the people I know.

I've known a person like her though.  Fortunately, as far as I know, that person didn't vent rage as Jody did.  But the manipulation was there.  Cold, calculating, frightening.  There can be something about people like Jody that causes others to not only be drawn to them but also bound to them.  It can become a love hate relationship where you end up despising yourself for your weakness yet not being able to disentangle yourself from the relationship.

I was lucky.  I finally had the opportunity to walk away from it.  I didn't walk, I ran. At times I still find myself looking over my shoulder what's more eyeing every person I meet with a degree of caution.  It's a reason why I'm leery of Facebook among other things. I don't let very many get very close.

It's not the best way to go through life, but proceeding with caution is preferable to suffering the fate of a Travis Alexander.

The news about these people reminds us evil abounds in any manner of guises.  I'm glad I lead a quiet and relatively inconspicuous life.  It makes the five acres I'm about to mow and my nondescript song birds look like heaven - without having to die to enjoy it!

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Margie's Musings said...

Oh how I agree, Mari. Those unfeeling folks are simply sociopaths....or even worse...psychopaths.

You wonder what makes those kinds tick. It's unbelievable!