Monday, May 13, 2013

If At First You Don't Succeed

Every time justice prevails I cheer.  Just as the guilty of murder verdict for abortion monster Kermit Gosnell.  Too often justice does not prevail. When it doesn't I sometimes blame the attorneys and judges more than the defendants.  I think the prosecuting attorney may have come close to losing the Jody Arius case because of his grandstanding except for the fact she is a totally dislikeable person.

Back when O.J. Simpson was on trial for the murder of his ex-wife and her  friend, the prosecution was inept, the defense was flashy, the Judge loved the attention and O.J. was a popular sports hero from his football days.

I don't think anyone thought he was innocent and I don't to this day.  Instead of living up to his promise to search for the real murderer every day of his remaining life, he retired to the golf course with those who still thought he was worth hanging on to and were willing to fund him.

They weren't always the most desirable companions he could have chosen and he ended up getting arrested and convicted on charges of kidnapping and robbery.  He didn't fare well in jail.  He even got beaten to a pulp by a skinhead inmate after hearing him bragging about his sexual prowess with white women.  No one ever accused him of being smart.  Ego can do that to a person.

Now he's back in court with a new legal team in an attempt to get a new trial.  His new attorney claims his former attorney gave him ineffective counsel.  I can understand why Simpson thinks so, that's for sure.  But having paid some $700,000 to said attorney you'd like to think he at least tried though he was a bit on the shady side himself.

When I saw O.J. entering the courtroom on the news I literally gasped.  He may have had some less than pleasant run ins with fellow inmates but he seems to be eating well.  And enjoying having people other than inmates paying attention to him.

Will he get his new trial?  Who knows.  The first witness for the defense is slated to be a psychiatrist.  You can see it coming, right?  Yep.  Diminished capacity of some sort from prior brain injuries from playing football.  He has a whole league of players with concussions to thank for his attorney coming up with this new strategy.

Oh, yeah, in case that doesn't work there's the point he had several vodka/cranberry juice cocktails before the kerfuffle.  They may have further impaired his already shakey judgement. Hey, what ever works!

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Word Tosser said...

I, too, was shocked (jaw dropping) at his(OJ) appearance when he walked into the court.. wow.. so much weight on.. guess the gym at the prison isn't to his likening.
As far as Gosnell is concerned.. I hope they give him the same as he gave those babies.. a snip behind the neck in the spinal cord.. And eye for an eye... so to speak.