Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Life In A Bubble

I know our President has a great deal of contempt for those who don't agree with him, but I'm thinking he's really living in a bubble he himself blew.  Mostly full of air that's getting hotter.

I realize his words at a fundraiser last night in New York were geared toward his audience, but really.  He wants to take the spirit of togetherness shown in the recent tragedies in Boston and West, Texas to shape his governance for the next three and a half years.

To pass his agenda of course. In his own words he had hoped his winning would break the Republican "fever" that has resulted in the hyper partisanship engulfing the country.  It wouldn't, of course have anything to do with a very unpopular health care overhaul, Benghazi, the AP debacle and the IRS vendetta against conservative organizations, over regulation, crushing debt and an intolerance for any other opinion than his own.

Funny, it's his administration that is approaching the pinnacle of a perfect storm of governmental incompetence and sleaziness, yet it's the Republicans that have the fever.  Okay.  Maybe they are sick.  Sick of his administration and hopefully their own weaknesses.  Heck, even the media is beginning to come around.  Where there's life there's hope.

I find his analogy to be patronizing and sorely out of touch.  He goes so far as to say the reason more reasonable Republicans are reluctant to work with him is because they're worried about what Rush Limbaugh will say about them.  Is he serious?

Granted Mr. Limbaugh talks a lot and sometimes actually says something.  He often gets things wrong too.  And he no longer has the power of persuasion he once did.  He certainly isn't responsible for the gridlock we face on a day to day basis.  Nope.  The President and Congress need look no further than one another.  Forget the pundits.  The more they talk the more you realize they don't get it either.

The question is, does anyone?  Or are we all living in our own little bubbles hearing and seeing only what we want.  Including the President. Including Congress.  All of us.

What happens when bubbles burst? A whole lot of little bubbles form and go off which ever way the wind blows. Does that accomplish anything other than each of our bubbles replicating themselves? That's a lot of bubbles!

What we need is someone on the outside looking in, other than our adversaries, to throw salt on all the bubbles to eliminate them.   Then maybe the President, Congress and the rest of us could come together in the spirit of a crisis resolved. But then I wouldn't want to Rush to judgement.


Word Tosser said...

Washington DC has looked like the SHIP OF FOOLS for years now... there just doesn't seem to be any intelligent life left there.. and common sense is dead as a door nail.

Margie's Musings said...

That's true. It's much truer about congress then about the president.

Those racist fools are determined to fight the president. It becomes more and more apparent as time goes on what their REAL agenda is.

As for the most recent revisiting of the past, the president has now released the e-mails that led up to the brouhaha. What more can he say.

We republicans are determined to try to smear Hillary just in case she decides to run for president.

As for Rush...the Reader's Digest reader's poll finds him to be a very unpopular person.