Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Manipulating To The End

I'm not an advocate of capital punishment but sometimes  the guilty party has so few, if any, redeeming qualities it seems just.  I'm always torn as to whether losing one's life is worse than having to live with what one has done.

In the case of Jodi Arius I've heard both sides argued. In order for there to be any justice in one having to live with their crime they'd first have to have some remorse.  A conscience.  I don't see that Ms. Arius does.  All I see is a woman trying to manipulate even now as she faces her final penalty.

It takes a lot of gall to sit in front of the family of her slain boy friend and plead for her life in order not to hurt her family.  Excuse me?  What about Travis Alexander's family?  If she is put to death she won't begin to suffer as he did at her hand. Either way, her family is going to have to live with what she did. No matter what happens to her, her family will bear that shame just as Travis's family will bear their grief.  I'm having trouble with one deserving more, or less, than the other.

In her own defense she claimed she loved Travis and never wanted to cause his family pain. Strange way to show love. Then she pulled out  dozens of pictures of her family and friends and claimed she didn't commit suicide in consideration of them. All heart, this woman.

She went on to tell of how she could contribute if allowed to live.  Donate her hair for wigs for cancer victims.  How much time between donations?  Hair has to grow back.  She could design T-shirts that would raise money for victims of domestic abuse.  Because of her great artistic talent.  Does she honestly think T-shirts by Jody Arias would be big sellers?  Maybe they would, but I wouldn't buy one and you can bet she wouldn't do it anonymously so that an unsuspecting public wouldn't know. Besides, how may would she design?  Would it really be retribution? It's almost laughable.

The jury can also consider that she has no previous criminal record and that she is a good friend.  How commendable.  On the other hand she wasn't a particularly good daughter and she certainly wasn't a good friend to Travis.

I wondered if I could vote for death for this woman who was so cavalier about it just after she was found guilty.  Now push comes to shove. Her life really is at stake. To me she's now grasping at straws knowing the jury already thinks the brutality her crime meets the criteria for death.

Somehow I can see her smirk should they settle for life without the possibility for parole. In my mind she is the last one who should get any satisfaction from the whole sorry episode.


Betty said...

I tell myself that I am against the death penalty, and then someone like Jodie comes along and makes me rethink my opinion. It doesn't make me feel very good about myself when I feel the way I do about her, but I simply can't find any redeeming qualities about her.

Word Tosser said...

Travis's family will get peace with her death.. because if she gets life, there will always be something to bring her up to the surface... Only trouble with death ... it will take at least 20 years of repeals before they will actually get to.. so I guess it is a toss up...
If she was worried about her family, she should have thought of that before she stepped into that apt. that day.

Margie's Musings said...

I feel the same way, Betty. I haven't followed this media circus just because it is a media circus.

I don't approve of a public TV trial because that gives her just exactly what she wants...publicity.

I would think that life in jail would be a terrible punishment...though perhaps just what she wants.

It's a dilemma.