Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rubber Duck Diplomacy

Have you seen the rubber duck on steroids that has been floating in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour?  How did it make you feel?  Did it bring a smile to your face?

How could it not?  I think the duck should be adopted as the official bird of the world.  There's just something about them.

I remember a pair at the Shiloh Inn in Richland, Washington.  The entire morning staff had adopted them and come time for breakfast there they would be.  Fat and happy. The guests of course loved them - and fed them - and photographed them.  And smiled.

We had ducks when I was a youngster, though I have no idea why.  Probably Easter left overs.  I remember playing with them in the bathtub.  We were living in an apartment in Chicago of all places.  I think the folks finally gave them to friends who lived in the country. But I remember them. And I smile.

Okay.  They aren't as regal as our bald eagle though their plumage is awfully pretty.  They don't scream like an eagle.  They quack. It's like the difference between an operatic soprano and...well, me.  I've never seen an eagle walk but my guess is they strut.  Ducks waddle. I'm closer to the duck.  They're right in between that regal eagle and the goofy turkey Ben Franklin wanted for our national bird. Rather like most of us. Not dazzling, not silly, just us.

Their greatest asset is that they bring people together and make them smile.  What other bird do you know that cops will hold up lines of traffic for while Mom escorts her brood across a busy street?  How many birds do you know that can call a fancy hotel lobby home?  How many birds do you know that have rubber images of themselves raced all across the world in the wild water of spring time streams?

Ducks.  Every place in the world that has a body of water should have a rubber duck as resident water fowl.  I can see one here on Lake Coeur d'Alene. Maybe the powers that never quite squabbling could take a break and actually smile.  I won't tell them a lot of us think they're all quacks.  I'd not want to insult our duck! The same would apply to state, national and world leaders.

Why not?  Just think what a bright, sunny, smiling world it would be if every body of water in the world had a big yellow rubber duck bobbing on it. If it didn't bring us peace it would certainly give us pause that something so simple could bring happiness to so many. No matter what race, nationality, color or creed.


Betty said...

My apartment complex has ducks that waddle around and swim on the lake. Hearing them quacking away every morning is actually a pleasant way to wake up. Residents have learned the hard way not to feed them bread. If they do, the ducks make a real mess on the patios outside your door. We just let the management feed them now.

Margie's Musings said...

What a cheerful thought, Mari. I have a rubber duck in my bathroom. He/she perches on the glass shower enclosure above my head.

Your post made me smile. :)