Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Way It Ought To Be

You know, I think we need more politicians like Chris Christie.  He has made yet another appearance with the President and has received yet another onslaught of criticism from Republicans.

 My advice to them is get over it. Actually these two men who are so very different from one another may actually like each other.  Gasp!  I think, if true, it's great and good for the country.

It shows that two politicians from opposite ends of the spectrum can get along.  And get things done.  Maybe not as fast as we'd like, but get them done never-the-less.  Nothing ever gets done in a timely manner if Washington is involved.  Don't blame the President.  Blame Congress and the civil servants who work with them - or in many cases against them.

Christie must be used to criticism by now.  He's made some tough decisions from a Republican stand point but good ones for his state.  That, after all, is what it's all about.  What's good for his state.

Congress should take note. The Republicans cannot blame the Democrats for everything if they aren't also willing to compromise.  Neither party has a monopoly on what is the best policy or the best way it should work.  I'm not even sure if as individuals they are as partisan as they appear but rather are succumbing to leadership pressure  from those who seem to have their own agendas.

Strange. Career government workers and appointees under cabinet level are having a fine time running amok.  That's because too many cabinet level officials lack the skills necessary to lead, they achieve their positions as political payback.  The most egregious of reasons. The result is ugly.

On the other hand you have a governor who is willing to look at all sides and make both popular and unpopular decisions based on the needs of his state. Will it hurt his chances for a presidential run in 2016?  If it does, we're nuts.  He personifies the politician who is willing to look beyond partisan politics to get things done.  It has worked.  And he's big enough to thank the man who made a lot of it possible.

Stay on the diet Mr. Christie.  I'd like to see you run.  You're what we need.  A leader who not only can lead, but isn't afraid to do so.

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Word Tosser said...

he is the only one I have seen in either field that is even worth looking at... he seems to care about his state.. and the country.. hope he does run