Friday, June 21, 2013

Bowe Bergdahl - High Hopes Or More Heartbreak?

The Taliban knows how to play us like a fine violin.  They want to trade young Bowe Bergdahl, a U.S. soldier, for five of their own being held at Guantanamo.

They know young Bergdahl will tug at our heart strings.  I'm not sure the government is doing his family any favors by raising their hopes that we may actually accommodate them.  But you never know these days.

There was a time it would never have been an issue.  We don't negotiate with terrorists.  Period.  But with this administration anything is possible.  Especially since the President is intent on convincing us the war on terror is over.  So what if we return some of their former militants?

There are puzzling circumstances surrounding Bergdahl.  On the plus side for him is that since his capture he has twice been promoted.  On the other hand the reason he was captured is because he walked away from his base.  There are those who consider him a deserter.  Add to that the fact those wanting to negotiate aren't sure which of their associates actually have him and I'd question as to whether or not he is even alive.  It has also been suggested that he has gone to their side. What is the truth?  And do they think we are really so naive that we won't investigate?  Probably.

Why this is getting the headlines it is puzzles me.  The five the Taliban want back include the former deputy minister of intelligence, a former Taliban governor and military commander, the former army's chief of staff, the former Taliban governor of Herat province and a former commander that had ties to numerous terror groups.  Granted it would take them time to get back up to speed having been incarcerated for so long, but just in time to be primed and ready for the retaking of Afghanistan after we leave next year.  Have no doubt, they will challenge the Afghan government once we are gone.

One could argue that whether or not Afghanistan survives on its own is their problem, not ours and if releasing these men gets one of our own back then so be it.

On the other hand, do we have any idea just who will be coming back to this country other than a name and a vague recent history?  And do we really want those five on the loose?

This is what happens when a country has no specific policy regarding much of anything other than the wishful thinking of the Commander-in-chief.

It has been suggested that a rescue mission be mounted, but when no one seems sure where he is that's not likely.  Besides, we're not big on rescue missions.  After all we wouldn't want to put those going in in peril.  Just ask those who watched Benghazi go up in flames.

We can have meetings until we're blue in the face with everyone involved and give all those concerned a sense of hope.  After we're gone, however, it will all have been for naught.  The Taliban doesn't give a fig about what we think or want any more than al Qaeda does.

Yet we muddle along getting excited about the bone they've thrown to us.  Like the Iranians electing a moderate.  No, they didn't, by our definition of moderate.  Only by their own determination of those the mullahs allowed to run. I expect the same is true in the case of the Taliban and Bowe Bergdahl.

I would love to see a happy ending here but I cannot  imagine it possible.  Both sides must be of honest intent and we know full well one isn't.  It's sad that a citizen of the United States and a member of our military has ended up being the bone.



Word Tosser said...

I really do feel for the parents.. really I do.. by my answer would be flat out NO...NO WAY...
Like you say the whole thing is fishy in the first place.. Why did they save him, and kill others? why so long? doesn't add up..
Second.. you don't give 5 high officials for a fluky.. you give one fluky for one fluky.. No this was a cruel thing to put the family thru.. and who knows what the young man is like now.. has he been turn into one of them.. like Patty Hearst was in the 70's with her capture? This is a very sad thing with no good ending.

Tami forBOWE said...

"NO..No WAY"really this is what is done...the war is over we are winding down. We figure out what to do with the Prisoners. He is a American Soldier and before you continue to bash him with no facts. You should educate yourself about what happened the day he was CAPTURED. He is no Patty Hearst and has ranked up twice and escaped twice. Escape and Elude SGT Bergdahl. Please take the time to read the radio transcripts from the day he was captured so you may at least sound educated when you speak about SGT Bowe Bergdahl !! Sincerely one of the hundreds of thousand that have Bowes 6. Hopefully it will lead to the release of the others that have also been Captured: Colin MacKenzie Rutherford, Bob Levison, Warren Weinstein, Caitlan Coleman (her child that was due in Jan) and her husband Josh.

Tami forBOWE said...

Radio Communication from the day SGT Bowe Bergdahl was captured: