Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Feelings Cannot Be Legislated

The local City Council passed, last night, a LBGT anti-discrimination law.  I cannot help but wonder the reasoning behind trying to legislate how people should react to one another.

I know we have a smattering of gays in our community.  I know some of them.  I did not know we had a problem with their being discriminated against.  We might now. Emotions for a time will be raw. We also have a very large evangelical population who believe homosexuality is evil and are vehemently opposed to it but I doubt they are seeking out gays to drive them away.

I wasn't at the meeting nor have I read the debate but I understand it was long and spirited.  Here's how I feel.  Anyone should be free to live, eat and patronize whatever business they so choose.  Business owners should also have the right to deny service they feel is detrimental. Work it out. If there is a demand for services for the gay community that aren't being met, the void will be filled.  It's called free enterprise.

Don't get me wrong.  I am not anti-gay.  I also do not agree that homosexuality is a learned behavior.  I do believe one is born as such.  I know also that it has been a long, difficult struggle for them - mostly for religious reasons that I feel are arguable. But, oh, they've come so far with broader and broader acceptance.  First from family then friends than a more broader spectrum of younger, more open generations.  It's because they aren't the norm, whatever that means.

Legislation however, sets them apart from the rest of us.  It doesn't bring them more into the fold.  Why do I think that?  Because you cannot legislate what someone believes.  Now a wedge has been driven between those who truly believe it is wrong and those who would be all encompassing.

This is a short post for me because I've got to get to the airport to pick up my cousin David and his husband - Walter.  Are we coming back here for lunch?  No. No one would know who they are or what, but I would and I'd know that some here would not welcome them.  Others would.

Does it matter?  It does to me because before last night I'd never have given it a thought.  Without legislation to help the process.

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