Saturday, June 29, 2013

If Obamacare Is So Great Where's The Bandwagon?

By a fluke Obamacare became the law of the land.  Thank you Justice Roberts.  Ever since then, however, it has been battling strong headwinds when it comes to implementation.

Nobody seems to want to be forced to buy something they know little about and keeps changing to boot.  That creates a problem with funding.  If people don't buy in the government can't afford it and let's face it, they can only tax us so much.

First HHS tried to get corporations to contribute but ran into trouble when it was questioned whether or not these were companies that they regulated.  Oops.

Okay, lets look at recruiting role models to promote it.  Professional sports.  Are you kidding me?  At least the NFL has had the good graces to say no.  They have enough image problems without having their 'role models' promoting unpopular legislation.

Okay, bad idea.  Let's look at someone who has a squeaky clean image.  Librarians!  There are two main problems with this idea.  One, librarians can and are likely to read what it is they are to promote and probably have the good sense to say no.  Secondly, in this day of  e-books, could they reach enough people to make the effort worthwhile?  I doubt it.

These are pretty bad ideas from the get go but I save the worst for last.  They want to get the kids to encourage their parents to enroll.  This is akin to having truckers keep an eye on the motoring public.

 Well, maybe not quite.  I don't think the truckers receive any government paid training. In California they are actually going to use tax payer money to teach children how to promote Obamacare to their families.   Los Angeles alone, a cash strapped school district to begin with, is going to dedicate $1 million of a Federal grant to this purpose. I won't even begin to tell you where the remainder of the grant money will go, but it won't be to the three "r"s.

Is it just me or does this smack of Hitler Youth programs where children were trained to do the governments bidding against their own families.

When the government has to stoop to indoctrinating our children to do their bidding we have a problem. Do children have the ability to sort out the appropriateness of such actions?  Will they bow silently to authority figures?  I'd usually advise respect for authority figures, but in this case perhaps a rebellious nature would serve them well.

Today it's Obamacare.  If this succeeds, what might be next?  I envision a rather lengthy list.  If we're lucky and history repeats itself, however, such methods to further the ambitions of a wanna be dictator will fail.  One can only hope.


Word Tosser said...

Those of us who had children in school in the late 1970's and 80's, will remember when the schools were having classes on DO NOT SMOKE..AND IT'S DANGERS.. To the point of having children going home and telling their parents YOU'RE GOING TO DIE.. every time the parents lit a cigarette.
This didn't work obviously.. even with my own children.. who I found sitting on a stone wall after school trying out cigarettes a year after all of these lessons. Even Bill Cosby did a routine about it.

Betty said...

I think it's time to stop comparing everything the Obama Administration does to Hitler. The only real problem with Obamacare is that the individual red states have refused to implement it until they are forced to.

Mari Meehan said...

Two points. Who would you equate enlisting our children to do the governments bidding with if not Hitler Youth?

As to your other suggestion that Red States are the problem, I live in one of the most Red and we're setting up our own exchange. I see that as a problem for us, not the government.

Margie's Musings said...

These same arguments were used when Social Security was implemented. Now we realize it keeps the poor out of abject poverty in their old age.