Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Hypocrisy Of Immigration Reform

Does Congress really wonder why the voters have such a low opinion of them?  Just look at the Immigration Bill. It's at 1200 pages and counting.

Remember Obamacare? The legislation no one read in it's entirety before voting on it?  Remember the special exemptions that were made to get crucial votes?  Fortunately many were backtracked, but never-the-less, the offers were made and initially accepted.  Forcing many into legislation they didn't want any part of while those lucky enough to have a Senator who resisted were exempted.  Bah!

You'd think there would be a few in leadership who understand that these comprehensive bills just don't work.  Better no bill than a bad one, especially when the President threatens to veto anything but the bad one.

This is a bill being formulated for a host of wrong reasons.  It shouldn't be about getting the Hispanic vote nor  cheap labor.  It should be about fixing the incredible holes in our current system along with ways to attract the most able of people who wish to come to this country.

The way it's being presented by the media is that it's a fight with the illegal migrant workers trying to sneak into the country. So build more fence, hire more border patrol and incorporate more electronic devices and drones.  At the discretion of the Secretary of Homeland Security.  Rubio says he would take this out.  He hasn't.  And Madam Secretary thinks the border is already secure.

You'd think the idea that people come into this country perfectly legally and over stay their visas never occurred to them.  What kind of system has one way tracking? Well, ours does. Do these people give a whit about becoming citizens?  Probably not. The bigger question then would be what do they want?   And where have they gone.

 And that employers that don't use e-verify can be punished.  What's the point of having it if employers who don't abide by it go scott free?

Perhaps the most irritating of all is the hypocrisy of some of the "bipartisan" gang of eight who have added pork to favor their constituents,  Big names.  Lindsey Graham, R-SC, more visas for the meat industry in his state.  Marco Rubio, R-FL, of all people, added additional visas for cruise ship workers in his state.  Not to leave out the Democrats there is Chuck Schummer, D-NY, adding visas for Irish workers.  Irish workers??  Because NY has a lot of them?  Please!

Then too, others that have jumped on the pork mobile include Harry Reid, D-NV, we all know him, allowing the Secretary of the Treasury to  flood the travel industry with up to $100 million to promote travel in certain areas of the country with no cut off date.  You don't suppose that includes Las Vegas and Reno do you?

And to woo Alaska's Murkowski, D,  the bill has deemed seafood processing jobs to be shortage occupations allowing for low skilled cheap labor to be brought in.  Alaska will be the only state to have this privilege.

I won't even get into idiocy like genius visas that allow the likes of Piers Morgan entry.

Every time I see a glimmer of hope, these bone heads slip right back into their wayward mode.  They see nothing on the outside.  They hear nothing they don't want to hear. And they speak with forked tongues.  It's absolutely pathetic.

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