Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Perils Of Paula

So the Food Network has decided not to renew Paula Deen's contract.  I don't blame them.  After all, what does she expect for having hidden the fact that she's diabetic while continuing to promote foods that while tasty are grossly unhealthy.

What?  That isn't the reason?  It's because this denizen of the Deep South at one time used the 'n' word?  For which she apologized having explained it happened a long time ago? Haven't we all made comments in our past that we wouldn't think of making today?  Like calling the Washington football team the Redskins.  We know how offensive that is. So we're told.  In the context of racial reference is the 'n' word any worse?  Both are derogatory racial references.

It's bad enough one could be fired for being politically incorrect for something that happened recently though many are reprimanded, sent to sensitivity school and that's the end of it.  Don Imus seems to be alive, well and flourishing.  So who at the Food Network has it in for Ms. Deen?

Frankly I'm tired of all these food programs.   The egos of the chefs match the biggest in all entertainment. The Iron Chef competition is fixed  and after a time downright boring.  There's a certain sameness to all of it.  How many times can you watch Guy Fieri try not to drip onto his shirt and still want to try what he's eating? Actually the only show we watch at all is Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen.  Not so much for the food she prepares but because she's so ridiculously funny.  Hardly politically correct though, would you say?

Or take the prime example of bad temper, rudeness and foul language Gordon Ramsey?  I can't think of anything about the man that is a redeeming quality.  He's offensive.  Period.

So why Paula Deen?  I wish she hadn't made her tearful plea for forgiveness. Neither deny nor dignify something said years ago as a result of the one time culture of her upbringing. Give the gal a break. Or if you're intent on letting her go make it for a reasonable reason.


Betty said...

From all I've read, Paula's racism didn't just occur years ago. She's not going to be able to plead "youthful verbal indiscretions" because, apparently it has continued into the present. It's more that she obviously doesn't understand what is and was wrong with what she says. That, on top of her deciding to admit to her diabetes only after she got a lucrative contract fronting for the pharmaceutical company that makes her medications was pretty disgusting. She has a pretty long history of hypocrisy, and it seems to have caught up with her, and her redneck brother. 'She'll probably survive it, but it'll take a while.

Word Tosser said...

I agree... what man or woman from the South who is over 30.. has NOT said the word?? if they say they NEVER said the word, they would be lying. It was a common word back then.. sadly still said in the South. In the north we referred them to as, colored. and I guess that is offensive as well.(some of them still call us honky's) Between races and genders it is hard to be sure you said the right word. I still can't get around person hole.. it is still a manhole to me.
But to crash down on someone..who said the N word in their life time.. seems a little over board..I thought the same thing with the police officer in OJ's trail.. Furman. (sp) Like you said.. we all have said a word we aren't proud of.. some time in our past.

marlu said...

Things have changed so much in my life time. When we spoke of people of color, we were not demeaning them by using the hated word. That was in at least one case where I was present when a person of the black race did not like being referred to as "black" and called herself the "n" word.
Times change and if every person who used that hated word were put under oath, they would need to lie or be persecuted as Ms. Dean has been. I am no fan of hers but I do think it's unfair to be punished for something that was commonly done in another era.
I do not mean that the word was used in a hateful way; just a reference to race. There were too many times it was used hatefully.

What a dilemma.