Friday, July 26, 2013

Vacation's Over (Sigh)

Vacation.  We dodged forest fires in Montana and flash floods in Utah.  We hiked to ancient ruins and petroglyph sites and watched Indian dances and looked at great art.  It was an invigorating experience on a lot of levels.  Unfortunately  all good things must end and we had to come home.

The bright side is the house still stood.  The dark was the condition of the yard which we've spent the last couple of days correcting.  And unpacking, laundry, shopping, etc.  Sometimes you're more exhausted after the trip than during it!

And of course there was the news.  What can I say? Catching up was not invigorating on a lot of levels. The most egregious would seem to be the re-emergence of Anthony Weiner.  What a despicable man and what a manipulative wife.  It shames me that these people are the face of our government.  At least it seems that way considering the publicity the media gives them.

And Hillary!  If indeed she is Huma's Rasputin she's not the wonder woman she'd like us to believe.  Bill's indiscretions were at least with women he actually knew and he didn't send the details out over social media!  I cannot imagine anyone of Hill's purported intellect seeing a parallel with what she endured with what Huma has chosen to endure. For what gain? Women should be just as appalled with the women as they are with the men.

Sitting for hours on end while travelling between destinations gave me time to reflect on whether or not I should continue with this blog.  Then I decided if I don't, if people of my generation don't speak out about criminality, greed, self indulgence, immorality and on and on, who will?  What young people are exposed to in this day and age will truly become the new normal and they'll be left but to wonder what the "good old days" were really all about.

We as a group may no longer be considered relevant but we can be an itch that can't quite be reached and won't go away.  We can provide a point of comparison if nothing more.  What the future brings is up to those who are coming generations removed from us, but if we don't keep speaking out about that which is unacceptable, and why, history will be for naught.  Too many are too willing to revise it which in of itself is egregious.  So for better or for worse, I'm going to keep on haranguing about that which I find unacceptable and contemptible.

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Margie's Musings said...

I agree with you, Mari, and although I don't always agree with your point of view, I think it is important that you express it. I personally write letters expressing my opinions to the local newspapers.

Politicians don't read our mail to them but they do pay attention when we are reaching their constituents.

Newspapers reach their constituents. They have a clipping service which collects such things for them and they do read those clippings.