Friday, August 30, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

When the mail box starts collecting more catalogs than bills you know Christmas is getting close.  Even though Christmas merchandise has been in Costco even before back to school supplies, there are still a few seasons to get through.

Labor Day, which is now.  Halloween, Thanksgiving and Hunting Season!  I was leafing through a Cabelas catalog and thought I'd share with you just how much camouflage is available. It's amazing but I have concluded why.

I thought perhaps a lot of this is a macho fashion thing, but then I don't hunt.  So I did a little research into how much camo really helps the hunter.  A lot if he doesn't move.  If he does it doesn't matter all that much.  It's just easier for the deer, as my example, to see movement when it appears as a monochromatic blob rather than a leafy, twiggy blob.

So, let's have a look.  Jackets, of course and trousers. Caps. T-shirts I suppose for warm weather when you don't want the jacket.  Boots, gloves and something called glommits that expose nothing more than your fingers though I wouldn't think your hands would appear as much of a blob.  Waders, so water can be navigated. Do they help with fishing as well as pursuit?  Walkie talkies.  Blinds, of course. Cameras for surveillance.  Bows.  The women actually have a choice between camo, pink and pink camo!  Wow!  Rifle stocks.  I wonder if they have camo ammo.  Sun glass frames.

In case some wild beastie should wander into your cabin he'd not find you if you're snuggled into your camo arm chair or under your camo comforter. Luggage that when strapped to your ATV hides it.  Maybe noise doesn't count. Seat covers for your rig for critters wanting a lift.

State of the art stuff too.  There is actually a technology that allows your camo to adapt to temperature.  It changes between a warm phase and a cold phase altering the colors.

That brings me back to how deers, at least, see and the big blob theory. As I pointed out earlier, it's the movement that dooms the hunter's success. Camo makes movement more difficult for them to detect.  So the Dogwalk theory on camo usage is that by the time a hunter gets into all the available gear he can't move!

If that includes being unable to lift, aim and shoot the bow or rifle, it's great for the deer.  After all, Christmas is getting close and a guy named Santa will want to rein in the deer for his own purposes!

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