Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Fundamentally Transformed America - Is This What We Want?

Obama promised he would fundamentally transform America.  He has succeeded beyond my wildest nightmares and I fear the worst is yet to come.

While our domestic issues continue in chaos, our  members of Congress hardly speak to one another and the followers of the individual parties become insulting and vile when commenting on opposing points of view.  What happened to the once proud, civilized, accomplished American?

What's even worse is how the rest of the world sees us. At first they seemed puzzled that we re-elected this President.  They don't seem to comprehend our class envy or the demand for purist ideology that we seem to demand.  Where did it come from?

They also don't understand why America's resolve on the international stage has become a state of appeasement.  It started shortly after Obama was elected.  We all know and debate the "apology" tour.  Do we remember that to appease the Russians he withdrew ballistic missile defense sites from both the Poles and Czechs?

We've essentially deserted Iraq.  We've backed the wrong side of nearly every revolution in the region from Iraq to Egypt, twice, to Libya and Syria.  Our allies are dropping us like flies. Why?  Because we've given Assad a pass to please Russia.  The chance that all his chemical weapons will be destroyed is remote.  There's too much chaos.  In return for lip service that our President desperately wanted to believe, Assad gets to continue slaughtering his people.  With the stressed circumstances of bordering countries trying to help those who flee Syria, don't be surprised to see skirmishes beyond Syrian borders begin to break out.

One of the few remaining allies that have strength beyond mere survival has finally told us to go pound sand.  Saudi Arabia, while not the perfect ally, but  then none are, was never-the-less a strong one.  They have become so disgusted with Obama's wavering as foreign policy they've decided to partner with the French and Jordanians in helping the Syrian rebels. Plus we're playing footsies with Iran and getting periously close to allowing them to continue enriching uranium. The Saudis aren't too happy bout that either and will no doubt seek to so arm themselves.

Pair that with the NSA follies where conversations not just of security agencies of other countries have been tapped, but right up to and including the leaders themselves.  Like Germany's Merkel.  She is not happy and she is but one.

Some of us who should have known better turned a blind eye to Obama's socialistic tendencies when he was running for President. His lack of experience and his ego.  We're paying for it now.  What is hard to understand is why he seems to be taking such delight in the suffering going on in his own country.  What drives him?  Or is he even driven? Or  is he so completely detached and this leadership stuff is left to be the work of fools?  Well, witht the ACA fools we've got.

No man may be an island unto himself but in his case I wish he were.  Instead he's turning our country into one - one no one wants to come to except for nefarious reasons. What will become of us?  Our former allies will form other alliances knowing we can no longer be counted upon, nor trusted.  How will we sustain ourselves when there is nothing more to tax and no one cares enough to come to our aid without extracting a huge price?  With nothing to pay the price no one will be there.

Oh, don't be so doomsdayish you might be saying.  Well, did you really expect to see the country in the state it is now when you voted for him? Bush can only be blamed for so much.  The Republicans can only be blamed for so much, the same with the media.

Somewhere along the line, the President will have to pay the piper whether he wants to or not because in time his followers will no longer be willing to take the fall that should be his.


Margie's Musings said...

This president is trying hard to keep the peace and with all that has happened during his presidency and all the conflict in Congress with their desire to ruin him, it's a wonder he hasn't lost his mind.

It's been a terribly difficult presidency and most of the debris was left to him from the previous administration.

Then he's also had to deal with those who are still racist and resent a black president.

Mari Meehan said...

I'm glad we are still friends even though we so often disagree on all counts - including this one!

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, we are, Mari. Friends can disagree and still be friends. You have been an interesting friend all these many years. I wish we could somehow meet someday.

Mari Meehan said...

Perhaps you, Betty and I should find a referee then meet in some mutually agreeable location. Mutually agreeable. Did I really say that?