Thursday, October 10, 2013

Buying Time But Little Else

I get a kick out of the fact that everyone is hailing huge success because the Republicans are offering the President a short term increase in the debt ceiling, which he might sign (or might not), in return hoping to get more time to discuss spending and the debt.

I for one am not clapping and cheering.  This could have been done in a timely manner if Ted Cruz hadn't gotten on his quixotic campaign to defund Obamacare.  By the way, where is he?  Has anyone seen him lately?

So what are we gaining other than six weeks to catch our collective breaths before we go through it again?

To make any progress a few things need to happen.  The President has to understand that in his role as leader he is expected to do just that to get the sides to come to an agreement even if not perfect.

Harry Reid has to bring legislation submitted by the House to a vote.  We need names on record as to what they vote for and against.  It's the only way we can hold individual Senators responsible.  I see Mr. Reid is planning to run again.  The people of Nevada will have to decide whether they want to continue with an obstructionist or opt for someone who might actually care about the country.

The Republicans have to control the Tea Party mavericks.  They aren't about to change themselves.  They obviously don't have the intellect to know which battles they can win and which they cannot, not to mention which ones they should even challenge. In their way they are as bad as Reid and the President.

And the President.  You all know how I like to rag on him.  A lot of this could have been avoided if he had talked with both sides and told them to get their act together rather than preaching to his select audiences and disparaging Republicans. That does not make for cooperation.  I'd rather see him win his battles with well thought out suggestions, a willingness to admit he isn't always right and compromises accepted with grace.

I realize why he's doing it the way he does.  He wants so much to regain the House in 2014 but even as bad as the Republicans are it's anything but sure. I also don't think he has a clue as to how to lead.  He's never had to do it and I don't see that he has an appetite for learning be it domestic policy or foreign.  His way is to threaten and punish and he does that well from the little old couple in the corner house to the small business man to the military and the media.

It's no way to run a country.  Any country.  But especially the United States of America.  If government doesn't soon change it's ways we'll become merely the States of America.  United will be a word as foreign to us as civility.


Word Tosser said...

Sadly Americans have short memories... so come election next year... all of this will be under the rug... and we will be back where we are

Margie's Musings said...

The president doesn't have much of a chance to lead. No one wants to play by the rules. They all want to make their own rules....regardless of the law.

I still think much of his opposition is disguised racism. I know the representatives from the south just hate having a black president but it wouldn't be politically correct to say that.

They might lose the minority vote.