Thursday, October 17, 2013

Government - Why We Disparage Them

So tell me, does the widow of a Senator worth 56.8 million dollars really need a token gift of one year of his Senate salary -  $174,000?

Does the President really deserve an unlimited debt ceiling when he's borrowing to pay interest on the interest of our loans?  Interest on the interest!

What sort of message is sent when Harry Reid agreed to increase spending on a construction project in Mitch McConnell's Kentucky to get his cooperation? Increase it by $1.71 billion.  Billion!

The middle of February the whole process begins again.  What have we gained?  Absolutely nothing.  The administration has no intention of cutting spending nor fixing a very broken Obamacare system.  The Tea Party has no intention of trying to reconcile with rank and file Republicans.  Perhaps it's time for them to form their own party and see if they can maintain their solidarity.  They may find being vocal is nothing more than being vocal.

Perhaps the best thing that could happen at this point is for them to go on recess . Excuse me.  Wrong terminology.  When the Senate is on recess it's referred to as State Work Periods; the House calls theirs Constituent Work Weeks. How often do you see any of your representatives during these periods?  I figure they work about as much on recess as they do in Washington which isn't much.  Maybe with the current climate it's better that way.

Today being the 17th of October, the linked recess calendar shows they have a total of 23 days out of 49 during which both houses will be in session. That would take us to Christmas eve, not counting week ends.  In that time they need to figure out what they're going to do when the funding issue comes due again plus the President says he wants immigration reform done. Ha!  And don't forget Obamacare.

It's said they do a lot of work while on these recesses but it's not the same as sitting down and talking with your colleagues.  Personally I don't see much happening other than the usual bickering after the lull  from this last go round becomes history.  Frankly, I don't see much happening until we get an entirely new administration in place which unfortunately is three years away.  For that I'll be looking at governors who have track records. I'm tired of amateurs who think we're too unaware to know they are just that.  I'm leaving Tea Parties for little girls or the Brits.  If I want nastiness I'll look to comments on everything politic on the web.  If I want malaise I'll look at our current government.  For pure peace of mind I'll open my window and listen to the flow of our water fall.

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Word Tosser said...

Ken says it is a run away train...
by the way.. I know you have lived in several different states like I have.
In my over 50 years of voting age.. I have never .. ever seen a Congress person in real life.. never mind one from the state I was living in.. Have you?