Saturday, October 12, 2013

Political Alter Egos - Politicians And Vampires

Looking at all the holiday decor out and about these days and the current popularity of all things occult it occurred to me that vampires and politicians might just be interchangeable and Halloween is the holiday that should be devoted to them.

Do you think there's a ghost of a chance? Just consider during the campaign how many  candidates were left by the way side if they weren't enough like us. Did we actually elect who we thought we did?  Are they middle class?  Humble? Hard working?  Reasonable?  Patriotic? Prefer beer to wine and hamburger over foie gras?  Does that  pretty much describe who you see when you look in the mirror? I don't think it's what politicians see.  Not that they necessarily should any more than all of us do, but I don't think what we elected looks at all like we do no matter the stripe.

Take vampires.  They don't even reflect.  Why is that?  Because, according to folk lore, the mirror reflects the soul and being dead Vampires have no soul.  I'm not sure politicians do either after being witness to the activity engaged in by all concerned parties the past several weeks.Would they actually behave in the same manner if they could see themselves?  I would hope not, but then this whole post is a fantasy being written on a lazy Saturday afternoon.  I couldn't take any more news.

There are plenty of goblins, the mischief makers, and ghosts who are barely discernible. Witches and devils abound. All playing havoc with our country and our lives.

It's those pesky vampires though that are predominating these days.  Not only do they come across more often than not as absolutely batty, they also bleed us dry.

So how do rid ourselves of them?  We know they don't see the light. They actually hide from it in their cushy caskets.  So we have to work harder to shed some light upon them.  If that doesn't work there's always the old stake through the heart remedy.  That would be, I think, not re-electing them.

At that point we'll be free to fill those hallowed halls of Washington with real live reflections of ourselves and our values rather than the dregs who now roam the halls like zombies on a singular path of destruction caused by excessive ego and self righteousness!

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