Thursday, October 31, 2013

Republicans - Blowing In The Wind Like Autumn Leaves

I've been watching the emerging voices of the Republican Party for a while now.  What I'm seeing is a disconnect from one another.  If they can overcome that I think they have a pretty good chance of overcoming some of their negatives.

For instance.  Ted Cruz stood as the voice of defunding Obamacare.
While misguided by embracing the defunding tack rather than a delay or fix, he did bring himself to a level of prominence.  Come election time 2016 will he be remembered for his blunder or remembered as a passionate voice against the ACA?  My bet is the latter.

Marco Rubio was a leader in the comprehensive immigration reform movement.  He has since seen the error of trying a comprehensive fix and has changed his position.  Will he be remembered for favoring the comprehensive approach or as a passionate advocate of immigration reform in a sensible, doable way?

Rand Paul stood against a multitude of injustices against the people perpetrated by Congress.

In the House you have Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy as articulate and passionate speakers.

My question about all of them is where are those that stand with them?  You see Mike Lee with Ted Cruz but John Barrasso seems to stand alone. As do many others.

There too there are the governors who are just "out" there.  Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie. Can they combine voices on national issues?

What isn't there is all of them all the time for all the causes for which they stand.  Maybe it's the fault of those who book the talk shows or the reporters who do the pre and post session interviews or the members themselves wanting to go it alone for their own ambitions.

I don't think that strategy will work.  What the Republicans don't have is a visible, articulate voice.  If they have a multilayered agenda they want to move forward, the need to do it en masse. To be politic about it, they need their spokesman to be one with charisma.  Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell may be politically savvy but neither one inspires - especially to those of us on the outside looking in.

You might say neither do Reid or Pelosi.  That's the point.  Contrast.  A positive outlook rather than the animosity laden rhetoric which is now the norm.

So don't just float around, Republicans.  Rake yourselves into one huge pile, put a voice to yourselves    and tell those who would bag you to remember the alternative.  Winter.  Snow.  Shoveling.  Look what you have to offer.  The beauty of autumn, the crisp air, the  brilliant blue skies, the wonderful scents.  And that the alternative is winter.  Snow.  Shoveling.  Cold.  Bitter howling wind.

Unfortunately in nature we get both just like we do in politics.  Sometimes, though, we get an Indian summer which is a lovely extension of autumn.  Are we due for one or for one more year is it too late?

Maybe for 2013.  It doesn't have to be true for 2014 and it's a more important year anyway when it comes to electoral politics.

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