Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The White House Garden - What A Waste

The White House garden is rotting in the ground. It is not only a waste but a disgrace. So the birds and squirrels are having some fine dining.  What a shame the fresh goods couldn't have gone to food bank, charities or the families of the school kids who helped plant it.

Why, if they helped plant it could they not help harvest it?  They have in years past.  Security?  Some youngster might be a terrorist in overalls?  They couldn't be vetted?  There is enough secret service roaming around the White House grounds they could have kept a close enough eye on the garden area.  Plus, what's wrong with Mrs. Obama, her mother and the girls? Can't they get their hands a little dirty? It's not like the garden had to be harvested all in one day.

There are so many ways for this to have been done without using government non-essential personnel it isn't even funny.  The First Lady should be ashamed of herself.

Of all the waste the government is responsible for, this is one area where it didn't have to be. A little imagination and some elbow grease would have gotten it done. The optics are terrible, the waste a disgrace. Blaming the government shut down for it makes it worse.

I've always thought the Obamas have a tin ear.  This hasn't changed my opinion.

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