Monday, October 21, 2013

Two Different Worlds - The Governmet and The Rest Of Us. It's Time To End It.

The government and its employees owe us an explanation and a heap of apologies for abusing our tax dollars and our trust.

 Look at the abuse  of which we've been the recipients. We've seen  many of the agencies being loose with our money for entertainment purposes which they claim as workshops.  We've seen our military getting stiffed on their benefits.  We've seen them shove legislation down our throats that is so bad they've had to rush it through without even testing the roll out software lest a challenge actually be won. We've seen how the IRS has gone after the non-profit designations of organizations daring to use the term patriot or something similar in their names.  We've seeing them punish J.P. Morgan Chase for the very favor they asked of them - buying up those lousy mortgage backed securities held by Bear Sterns and Washington Mutual.

Why all of this?  The parties I'll cede to poor judgement stemming from a tin ear, arrogance and greed.  The inability to get our veterans affairs straightened out is sheer incompetence. The The health care debacle and the IRS witch hunt are both vengeful power plays as is the Morgan Chase affair.  In the latter case it's because one time golden boy Jamie Dimon had the audacity to criticize Obama's handling of the economy.

For pure pettiness, however, a case in Arizona takes the cake and should scare you to death that the government is going to play a major role in your health care.

A study showed that there was no such thing as affordable housing for deaf seniors.  Think about the needs of the deaf.  Phones, doorbells, fire alarms, etc.  With that in mind HUD helped fund a 75 unit apartment building in Tempe Arizona specifically designed for seniors who are deaf or deaf/blind.

It is now 99% occupied but HUD is threatening to pull all federal housing aid to Arizona because this unit violates civil rights law!  It gives preference to those who are - deaf!  Citing some regulation they should have been aware of, they now say only 18 hearing impaired people can reside there.

Not that 75 apartments solves the housing problem for the hearing impaired but it's a start.  The building should be a prototype for other senior housing, not something to get caught up in governmental regulation and red tape.

It isn't just the politicians that are strangling the life out of the country.  It's the government bureaucracy as a whole.  Where else could you work where you'd get back pay for having been laid off and collect unemployment to boot?

If Ted Cruz and his ilk really want to fight for us make everything equal. Every single thing. The sooner government and government workers have to play by the same rules we do, the sooner this nonsense will disappear.  It's always more fun to bully the underdog or toy with him or ignore him completely.  The trouble is we're the underdog.

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