Thursday, November 07, 2013

Some People Are Never Satisfied

When nothing else catches my attention I'll flip around the dial to see who is ranting about what.  FOX doesn't get much of a listen after Bret Baier finishes up at four.  I don't like the new lineup so it's usually reruns of Midsomer Murders, Foyle's War or whatever else might be on PBS.

Last night however, I caught a bit of Hannity who seems to be losing it.  He and Ann Coulter were trashing Chris Christie.

Not so long ago Ann Coulter was politically in love with Christie. "We have to nominate people who can win!" was her mantra. I guess it ended when he opted out of the presidential sweepstakes in 2012.

Last night is was a whole different story.  The election in New Jersey was calculated to be all about him., so she said. Well, yes, it was.  Had he not called for a special election to fill the  Senate seat of the late Frank Lautenberg  the Republicans would have won, so she claimed.  How so?  Once voters pulled the lever for Christie they'd have continued to vote Republican.  Booker, obviously, is a Democrat. He is also a super star of sorts. Not that we need another one in Washington, but it did help in his election.

Maybe it's a generational thing again, but voting a split ticket used to happen quite often.  Of course that was back when people bothered to look at the qualifications of a candidate, not just his/her party.  They even seemed to have done so when they first elected Christie, a Republican, in what is a very blue state.

Then the two were angry because he wouldn't take time to campaign in Virginia for Ken Cuccinelli.  Had he done so Cuccinelli could have won and they would have had another Republican governor! But no, it was all about the selfish Christie.

And you wonder why I have no respect for these pundits who fill far too much air time.  The crux of the problem is too many "conservatives" are trying to mold every Republican that runs into the "conservative" image.  Christie won't budge.  His responsibility is doing the best he can for his state and he at least realizes that includes working with the opposition.  What a novel approach! Do you suppose that's why he wins?

Funny, Christie is still the politician Coulter loved.  He still wins.  Quite handily I might add.  It's refreshing to see a politician who isn't afraid to buck pundit pressure and to what is necessary to get the job done.

Is he smart enough to be able to handle the very different presidential primaries?  Time will tell if he runs, but I'm willing to bet he'll figure it out.

As for Coulter, Hannity et al, if they'd spend more time promoting the positive about candidates rather than having a hissy fit because Christie would not call the President a liar, more good would come of it.

If and until they stifle their antagonistic manner, they're not worth the air time they are given.  Note that. Given.  If viewers had to pay, a whole lot of that time would be up for grabs.  If I'm going to pay, whoever is speaking had best have something worthwhile to say.  Maybe that's why there is so much better programming on PBS.  We viewers help pay for it.

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Margie's Musings said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Mari. Depending on who the Dems nominate, I may vote for Christie for president in 2016.